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  • Integration and equity liaisons are available for translations and to meet the educational and cultural needs of students and families throughout the District. Click here for a directory. To secure a sign language interpreter, please contact your child's school.

Penny Pease
Penny Pease
Phone: 651-621-7303
AJ Brynelsen
AJ Brynelsen
Phone: 651-621-7320
Doug Erickson
Doug Erickson
Phone: 651-621-7323
Susan Herder
Susan Herder
Phone: 651-621-7310
David Janssen
David Janssen
Phone: 651-621-7313
Mark Kowalke
Mark Kowalke
Phone: 651-621-7319
Kathryn Lampi
Kathryn Lampi
Phone: 651-621-7312
Kim Landes
Kim Landes
Phone: 651-621-7325
Cris Murphy
Cris Murphy
Phone: 651-621-7317
Ryan Pomraning
Ryan Pomraning
Phone: 651-621-7315
Chad Remick
Chad Remick
Phone: 651-621-7327
Nathan Roden
Nathan Roden
Phone: 651-621-7331
Adam Sanasac
Adam Sanasac
Diane Snuggerud
Diane Snuggerud
Bev Tri
Bev Tri
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 651-621-7302
Pam Vincent
Pam Vincent
Phone: 651-621-7316
Sue Wendt
Sue Wendt
Phone: 651-621-7311
Brian Zbikowski
Brian Zbikowski
Phone: 651-621-7324