Mounds View High School Softball

  • Greetings all!!

    Here is the link for tomorrow's section game vs Woodbury at 4:30pm on field 1.  Hope to see you all there cheering the ladies on!!




    See you tomorrow!

    Coach Tom

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  • Greetings all!!


    Wow! What a game tonight!  The ladies beat the MEC conference champs!  

    Here is tomorrow's link for entrance.


    Hope to see you there!!!!

    PS the JV team will meet on Wednesday and not tomorrow..

    Coach Tom

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  • Greetings all!

    We are, as predicted, the #6 seed in the section.  Tartan will be our first opponent on Monday.  Game time 4:30 in North Saint Paul at Mcknight fields.  There will not be any busing to the event.  Players arrive at and are ready by 3pm as normal.   There is a gate fee for all spectators, it will be in the form of an E-ticket and my understanding is that they will not be selling tickets at the site.  Use the link below for Monday only.  Each day there will be a new link to purchase your E-ticket.  We hope to see you there!!!

    Ticket Link for Monday's Games:

    Everyone will play on Tuesday as well, win or lose.  Next possible play date is Friday, then 5/31 and the last day of the section tourney is 6/2.  It is a double elim format.  

    Have a great day!

    Coach Tom

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  • Greetings all!!                                        05/19/2022

    One more official league game left to be played by the 9 team.  We wish them the best of luck!!

    Sections begin on Monday.  The play date possibilities are 5/23,5/24,5/25,5/27,5/31,6/2.  It is double elimination and every team plays on Monday.  The bracket and seeding will be finalized on Saturday.   Our Varsity roster grew by only a couple to fill specific defensive back up rolls, specifically pitching and catching.

    Section roster:

    Ashley Branco

    Mallory Barrett

    Mary Schmidt

    Anika Metz

    Emily Aman

    Nora Schmidt

    Marissa Ryman

    Tara Martin

    Mya Kraabel

    Joey Napierala

    Hannah Wilson

    Grace Countz

    Emmi Markham

    Kara Cmiel

    Lydia Sinkula

    Nora Kelly

    There is a gate fee for all games and all games will be played at Mckinght fields in North Saint Paul.

    Thank you all for your support throughout the season.

    Remember to save the date 6/15/2022 for our end of season banquet.


    Coach Tom  

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  • Greetings all!!!                 5/17/2022

    I hope everyone is enjoying the weather!! 


    Just a couple of quick notes.

    1.  In my previous memo, I stated that the section roster would be finalized on Tuesday. This was my spelling and auto-correct mistake. It is this Thursday, not Tuesday, after our final game of the regular season.  We will speak as a staff to solidify our needs.

    2.  The captains mislabeled a chat line for Monday's game as "section chat".  There should just have been a chat about Monday's double header.  

    3.  Section participants will be spoken to and invited by ME, personally, with other coaches present.  Anyone that is added beyond the current roster will be to specifically fill back-up position needs. 


    Thank you and have a great week!

    Coach Tom

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  • Greetings all!                         5/15/2022

    One more week of regular season play ahead of us.  Wow, that seemed like it took forever to get going and in a flash its over.

    This week V has a double header on Monday, NO bus.   They JV double header will not happen tomorrow.  We are working to reschedule it for later this week.  

    On Wed the V/JV will play late games at Forest Lake.  JV at 5pm and V at 7pm.  We will have a bus.

    The 9 team has a really busy week.  Two double headers and two single games.  

    Sections will begin next week.  Schedule for that will be out on Sunday.  The sections roster will be finalized on Tuesday.  

    Save the date for our end of season banquet 


    Thank you!  Have a great week and hope to see you at the fields.

    Coach Tom

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  • Urgent.       5/12/2022

    V/JV games have been moved back to Rice creek.  There will be a bus for those that need it to Rice creek.  Thanks

    Coach Tom

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  • Greetings all!                      5/8/2022

    Happy Mother's day!!!!!!!

    We are into the last two weeks of the regular season already.  Wow!

    Go from parka to sunscreen in a minute flat.  

    This week is a virtual overload of games for all teams.  Now is the time when we need the athletes the most.  We have had a couple of injuries on the Varsity team that  may change the dynamic of the JV team with possible player movement.  

    V/JV play everyday this week.  3 home and 2 away.

    9 play 4 days this week. 3 Home and 1 away.

    Next week the 9 team will have a heavy load of games, with 6.  Two double headers and two singles.  V/JV will have their last two games before the Varsity team heads to sections the following week.

    Hope to see you at the fields!

    Coach Tom


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  • 5/6/2022

    Saturdays Varsity games are located at Northview Park in Eagan.  The park is near Eagan High school.  We play on fields 1-4.  Our first game is at 2pm please arrive ready at 12:30.  Original schedule was 3 games but we can only play 2 due to our game limit of 20 games.  Second game is at 6 pm.  They are charging a $5 admission per person.  


    Coach Tom

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  • Greetings all!  

    9 game today has been canceled.  We are trying to reschedule and will keep you posted.  

    Don't forget we are honoring our two amazing seniors tonight!  Come out to show your support for them.

    Coach Tom

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  • 5/2/2022

    Attention!! Game changes for today.

    All games have been relocated to Rice Creek today from Woodbury.  We will still have a bus to Rice Creek for those that need it.  It will not return the school after the games.

    The 9 game is up in the air due to transportation.  If they do not play they will practice.

    Coach tom

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  • Greetings all!                            5/1/2022

    Happy MAY day!

    It was a busy week of games last week and looking the same way this week! 

    Varsity plays M/W/F and Sat.  Sat games are scheduled for 2,4,6pm.  Arrival time will be 12:30pm. 

    JV plays M/W/F

    9 plays M/W and Friday will be a double header. 

    Friday is also Senior night.  Please join us in celebrating our two seniors after our game.  There will be food and fun to be had!!!

    Hope to see you at the fields!

    Coach Tom

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  • 4/25/2022


    All games for today have been canceled and  we are working on reschedule dates.  Working on when and where we will practice.

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  • Greetings all!!!                 4/24/2022

    Holy cow, this weather is awful.

    This week is filled with games for the V/JV.  Five days and five games are scheduled.  Please remind each other to eat, drink and get your sleep and, of course, your homework.  Bus on Tuesday and Wednesday will leave at 2:30 sharp.  Home games warm ups start at 3:00.

    9 team has two games scheduled for the week.  The bus leaves on Monday at 2:30 sharp.  

    Lets hope for a great week!!

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  • No games at any level today.  Practice for all 530 - 730



    Coach Tom 

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  • Greetings all!                        4/17/22


    Happy Easter!!

    This week looks a lot like last week for weather.  Blah!  All games are currently as scheduled and we will take it one day at a time.  My dream for the week is to be outside everyday.....

    If we have to be inside, we have the 5:30-7:30 time slot.  


    Have a great week!  

    Coach Tom

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  • Greetings all!!!!!         4/11/2022

    Great news!  All games are on for today!!!!  Hope you can come out and support everyone!!!

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  • Greetings all!!!            4/10/22

    I hope you all enjoyed the weather this weekend!!  Unfortunately, it will not be the same for our game days.  Last week, Varsity had the opportunity to get a game in vs. White Bear Lake in the West St. Paul dome.  It was played very well. Although we lost, we learned a lot.  Our defense was impressive, we have some work to do at the plate but gave ourselves a chance in the top of the 7th with bases loaded.  Just couldn't push anything across the plate.  Over all the coaches and I  were very pleased with what we saw.

    This week......looks positive for tomorrow's games.  We will not have a definitive answer from the city until tomorrow a.m..   If we get the green light to be on the fields.  Freshmen have a game at Rice Creek, hosting Woodbury.  Be there ready to warm up 3:15.

    Varsity and JV will be playing at Irondale tomorrow.  The bus leaves school at 2:45pm if you are curious.

    On the other hand if things get crazy and we can not be on the fields or outside.  We have the late shift again at the HS in the MAC, 7:30-9:30.

    All three teams are scheduled to play three games this week.  Please look at the school schedule to be aware of game times and locations.

    I am looking forward to the week in hopes that mother nature plays nice!

    Have a great week and hope to see you at the games supporting everyone!!


    Coach Tom


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  • Greetings all.  4/6/22

    Games for today are canceled.  Varsity only will be playing tomorrow at the West St. Paul dome vs. White Bear Lake.  Game time is 3:30pm.  It is not ideal, but it is a game.  

    Fridays V/JV games are still up in the air but highly unlikely.  I'll keep you posted.  When I know I'll let you know.

    Have a great day!

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  • Greetings all!

    Just got back from watching my daughters' softball game and they had a SNOW delay....yes, a snow delay.

    This week will have a coin flip schedule.  We are at the mercy of the City of Shoreview and there green light to allow us on the fields.  I will be trying yet again to get some info from them tomorrow.  So here is the maybe schedule for this week.....

    We have the MAC from 5:30 - 7:30 this entire week.  If there is no green light from the city or, as the weather dictates, we will be inside.

    If we get the green light from the city, we will be at Rice creek from 4:00 - 6:00.

    V/JV have rescheduled tomorrow's game to later in the season but are still scheduled to play Wed and Fri.    

    If you did not attend our parents' meeting last Wednesday, here are the basics.

    Watch the drug video on the athletic website with your athlete.  Please read through all the documents on the site.  Parent, player expectations, player attendance.  I have uploaded the Early dismissal plan. Please make sure that you are taking the time to read and understand it.  

    Care instructions for the new V/JV uniforms are posted.  The tab is at the bottom of the page.

    Thank you all for your understanding of this crazy schedule.


    Coach Tom

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  • March 30

    ALL teams will be practicing tomorrow (3/31) 5:30-7:30.

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  • Greetings all.                          3/28/2022

    Quick update to the week.

    Thursday we were able to flip times with Baseball

    V/JV 4:30-7:30

    9th - 5:30-7:30

    Sat V/JV will go 8 -10am in the MAC

    The apparel order below will stay live thru Wednesday of this week!!  Order up.

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  • Greetings everyone!                         3/27/2022

    Well, we made it through the first real week of the season!  So much going on and so much more work to do, but we are well on our way to a great season.  If only the thermostat was easily adjusted... if you have any direct contact with mother nature, put in a good word for us.


    This week we have the late shift in the MAC.  

    7:30 - 9:30 Monday - Thursday --Freshman team

    6:30 - 9:30 Monday - Thursday -- V/JV

    Off on Friday due to the school dance.

    Wednesday we have a couple of things going on:

    5:30 pictures at the HS 

    7:30 Parent/player meeting

    Saturday - V/JV will practice in the A.M.(TBD)

    All freshman players are invited to attend the 6:30pm chalk talks this week.  It is a great way to improve their softball I.Q. 

    Don't forget if you did not get a chance to order any team apparel you still have a chance.  See the link info in Angies email. 

    Have a great week!

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  • March 24

    Schedule Changes
    • All teams will be practicing from 5:30-7:30 tonight (V/JV will not be starting at 4:30 as originally scheduled)
    • The mandatory player/parent drug meeting has been rescheduled to next Wednesday (3/30) at 7:30pm MVHS Auditorium
    Picture Day
    Picture day has been scheduled for next Wednesday at 5:30pm at MVHS.  Families will need to opt-in to view and order photos when they are ready.  Prior to picture day, text PGTR36755 to 90738 to opt-in and you will receive a text message as soon as the photos are available.
    Season Volunteers
    Volunteers are needed throughout the season to help with game day activities (announcers, pictures, video, etc.) and special events (i.e., senior night, banquet, etc.).  Please consider signing up for one (or more) volunteer slots, it's only with the help of many volunteers that we are able to help make the season a fun and memorable one for our players!  Volunteers slots and descriptions are on SignUpGenius.
    Carbo Loads
    We are bringing back carbo loads this year!  There will be 4 carbo loads scheduled during the season, which will be held at the MVHS cafeteria.  Dates are TBD and will be communicated once finalized, typically scheduled after practice the evening before a home game.  The Booster Club will sponsor and host the first carbo load, Varsity the second, then JV and Freshman teams.  Each team will be responsible for planning the menu, bringing food, drinks and supplies (for all 37 players), and set up and clean up.  There is a Carbo Load Coordinator volunteer listed for each team on SignUpGenius to organize for their teams carbo load night. 
    Kowalski's Carry Out
    The girls are scheduled for another Kowalski's carry out event on April 16th, 1:30-6:30.  The previous Kowalski's carry out was very successful and is an excellent opportunity for the girls to raise money and get out in front of the community.  This is the day before Easter and it is expected to be busy that day.  We are looking for 6 players and 1 chaperone per shift (1.5 - 2 hours shifts), please use this SignUpGenius to sign up.
    Team Store - NOW OPEN
    The MVHS Softball Identity Store has been reopened for a short ordering window, store will be closing on March 27th 11pm.
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  • Greetings everyone!!                      3/19/2022

    Well we had a little fun this week with the ones that could attend practices and we are really excited for the season!

    For Tryouts we will start at 5:15 sharp, do not be late.  Wear black softball pants and a MV top.  

    This week will look like......

    3/21 Tryouts 5:15-7:30 on the turf Football field weather permitting.  Please be prepared for either/or on Monday. 
    3/22 Tryouts 5:15-7:30 in the MAC  
    3/23 4:30-5:30 announcing tryout results.  5:30-7:30 team practices 
    3/24 V/JV 4:30-7:30 the first hour will consist of classroom chalk talk and team building with "Stick Together", which is a great little book we will be working through for the first few weeks while we are inside. 
    3/24 Freshman team 5:30-7:30
    3/24 Parent/drug meeting starting at 7:30 in the Auditorium.
    3/25  V/JV 4:30-7:30, Freshman 5:30-7:30
    3/26 The coaching staff and I will be assisting with MVSA tryouts in the MAC.  All Varsity players will be expected to assist in this event.  It will go from 12:00 - approx 6:00pm.
    Go Mustangs!
    Practice the way you play the game!
    Coach Tom
    Mounds View High School Softball Coach
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  • Coach Tom.              3/14/2022

    Greetings everyone!  

    Well, today is day one!  The coaches and I are excited to get things going this afternoon.  This week we will be having a few practices.  See the calendar.  

    Remember you must be registered for softball in order to be a part of practices this week and tryouts that begin on Monday 3/21.  


    Based on the info I received from everyone about tryout positions we would love to see more Catcher's on the list.  If you know anyone on the fence about playing please have them reach out to me.  

    We're ready to get working.  Together we will work towards winning and learning!!

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  • Greetings all!                 3/8/2022

    Less than one week to the official start of the season!!  Sign ups are moving along nicely, but would love to see many more.  

    Remember you are not able to partake in any part of the season including next week's practice prior to registering for the season.

    Please have your daughter text me her tryout position and top two spots on the field.  


    Go Mustangs!
    Practice the way you play the game!
    Coach Tom
    Mounds View High School Softball Coach
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  • Greetings all.                                         2/25/2022

    I will no longer be sending out mass emails.  Instead, this will be the platform for weekly information.  So please spread the word. 


    Very important:  There will NOT be any Daily run busses to Rice Creek fields this spring season.   The bus company does not have enough drivers to make it happen. 


    In case you are unaware of the "Daily Run" bus, it is/was a bus that took athletes to Rice creek on a daily basis for practice and games. 


     Being unavailable for this season, and quite frankly, an inconvenience to many, I am sure.  I would suggest that the conversations commence about carpooling strategies.  


    For your planning:

    Practices will begin promptly at 4pm once we are able to be outside.

    Games for all teams - athletes will need to be on the field at 3:00pm to give us 1 1/2 hours to warm up and 1 hour for the 9th grade team.


    The early release plan will be posted soon.


    Don't forget to please have your athlete text me their tryout position and top two positions.  Include name and grade if we have not communicated via text previously.  Thank you to all that have already done so.  

    Sign-up information is below in my last communication. 


    Tom Spencer
    MV Varsity Softball Coach
    Go Mustangs!MV1 logo
    Practice the way you play the game!


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  • Greetings everyone!                       2/19/2022

    The season is coming quickly.  The coaching staff and I are looking forward to a great 2022 spring season.  
    Please read the entire list of info as it has very important information.
    Sign up begins this Monday 2/21.  
    You must be registered in order to be eligible to try out. There are no exceptions.
    If you are a middle schooler, you will need the consent form below.
    If you go to a private school, see the message below from Cindy, our AD assistant.
    Registration link here:


    7th & 8th grade athletes that wish to participate on a high school team will register online. Before you begin your online registration, approval must be obtained from the middle school principal or dean, the high school principal, activities director and coach. In addition, signatures from both students & parent/ guardians are also required. Please complete the following consent form and deliver to the high school activities office before you begin the online registration:

    Middle School Consent Form (required for 7th and 8th grade only)

    From Cindy: Since the girls go to an "in district" private school, there is no need to meet with Mr. Galvin.  We ask that the consent form be turned in with the other registration 
    materials, but if your principal would rather sign after tryouts, that's fine.  We just need the form showing that you and the principal are consenting to your child participating 
    in a high school sport.
    The season officially begins on 3/14 right smack dab in the middle of spring break....perfect.   We will be having structured practices on 3/14, 3/15, 3/16 from 5:30 - 7:30pm.  I can not make these mandatory, but would love to see a high number of participants if you are in town.  It will be a great precursor to actual tryouts that begin on 3/21.  
    Practice times will be 5:30-7:30pm for week two with a couple of exceptions.
    3/21-3/22 Tryouts 5:30-7:30 in the MAC  
    3/23 4:30-5:30 announcing tryout results.  5:30-7:30 practice 
    3/24 V/JV 4:30-7:30 the first hour will consist of classroom chalk talk and team building with "Stick Together", which is a great little book we will be working through for the first few weeks while we are inside. 
    3/24 Freshman team 5:30-7:30
    3/24 Parent/drug meeting starting at 7:30 in the Auditorium.
    3/25  V/JV 4:30-7:30, Freshman 5:30-7:30
    3/26 The coaching staff and I will be assisting with MVSA tryouts in the MAC.  All V/JV players will be expected to assist in this event.  It will go from 12:00 - approx 5:00-6:00pm.
    3/28-4/1 Week three we will flop times with baseball for use of the MAC 7:30-9:30pm....yuk, I know. (If inside, as we are controlled by the city of Shoreview for the use of Rice Creek) If outside our practices will run from 4:00-6:00 M-F.  V/JV will practice on Saturday mornings throughout the season.
    4/4-4/8 V/JV start games on M, W and F. Freshmen have this week for practice.  Week four, with fingers crossed, we will be outside.  If inside, we will have 5:30-7:30
    All Game schedules are posted and live on the SEC calendar.
    Lastly, for all players, old and new - please text me your top two tryout positions and the position you are most comfortable playing.
    If we have never communicated via text before, please include your name and grade.  You may also email the info to me.
    Please reach out with any questions.  I'm looking forward to a great season!
    Pass this on to anyone you know that is considering trying out this spring!!
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  • Announcing our 2021/2022 Varsity Captains!!!  

    Hannah Wilson
    Joey Napierala
    Emily Aman
    Ashley Branco
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  • New to MVHS Softball?

    Are you new to the Mounds View High School Softball program? Would you like to be included in important communications and updates?

    Please email us at: and we'll get you added!

    This is important for players and parents. We are interested in anyone from 7th grade through 12th grade that is attending or will attend Mounds View High School. Information will ONLY be used within our organization and will NOT be shared outside.

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