• New Frontiers

    Respect AllFear None


    The mission of Irondale Girls Basketball is to demonstrate and teach the young female athlete key skills that foster her potential both on- and off-the-court. In addition, our mission is to help her become a leader in her community, to help her approach every situation with an empathetic mindset, and to instill the values and habits she needs to develop into the person she will become.


    The goal of this season is to begin growing and building a culture centered around empathy, reflection, and a focus on our controllables. We hope to practice these skills and values both on- and off-the court and to continually improve upon them throughout the season. We will focus on competing and not comparing while practicing sportsmanship and respect for the game. Basketball is a great teacher of the skills we need to become strong, empathetic, and focused leaders and we will be intentional in building these this season.