Player Handbook

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    2022 - 2023 Knights Girls Basketball Handbook


    Coaching Philosophy

    To create an atmosphere of pride and to teach each player the importance of a positive attitude, confidence, character, knowledge, goal setting, time management and how these factors apply to life, the classroom, and to athletics.

    To be a champion, you need to act like a champion. You need to prepare like a champion. You need to practice like a champion. We expect our players to work like a “champion” in the classroom, in the weight room, on the basketball court, and in our community. All players are expected to demonstrate leadership and dedication to each other, the program, and our school. As players, it is your responsibility to model COURAGE, COMMITMENT, LOYALTY, TRUST, and ENCOURAGEMENT to your teammates. EVERYONE MUST WORK TOGETHER!

    Program Expectations

    Trust the Process

    • The basketball season is long, and at times it can become tiring. Trust your coaches. Trust the plan they have for you. The results and pay-off may not come when you want it to, but trust that it will in fact come if you stick with the process.

    Be Coachable

    • Being “coachable” is easily the most important characteristic a player must display. To be a coachable player, you must be able to turn criticism into a learning opportunity.

    Do Your Job

    • This is something you will hear often in our program. Players at each level have the same expectations when it comes to playing for our program: compete every play, be coachable, work hard every day, take care of yourself and your game, etc. Your coaches will help you realize your potential in all the jobs we ask of you, but work on developing your own gifts and talents to benefit the team.

    Prepare Yourself to Exceed Your Own Expectations

    • Often, you are your own worst enemy. Developing and maintaining self-confidence can be tough, especially for teenaged girls. The one thing a player can do to become more self-confident is prepare. Prepare your fundamental skills, your mental state, your game-plan, your execution. Prepare yourself to exceed even your highest expectations. People are not confident when they are in uncomfortable environments, environments that they are not well-prepared for. 

    Be a Great Teammate

    • It is so important that everyone in this program is a great teammate. Remember, this a team. It is incredibly important that you are a great teammate to everyone in this program-especially those who may not deserve it because they are the ones who need you the most.

    Compete to Win Every Day

    • Competitors are always looking for their next challenge to conquer. You must have a desire to compete in everything you do. There comes a time in every competition where teammates must decide “It’s time to win.” In sprints, do you run to just get through it? Do you run to not be last? A competitor runs sprints to win. In warmups, do you shoot to make 33 3’s? Or do you shoot 33 3’s to meet the requirement? Competitors shoot to make every three and have the best percentage. Competitors always give their utmost effort and compete to win every practice, every game, every day.

    Parental Support

    Parents are a vital extension to the Irondale Basketball Program. The program needs your positive encouragement & support! We are all on the same team and need to understand that the team will always come before an individual.  There may be a time during the season where questions come up about your daughter and the basketball program. 

    • Before a parent becomes involved with the coaching staff about concerns, the player must first meet with her coach/staff. 

    • Players are always welcome to bring any concerns to any member of the coaching staff in a face-to-face meeting. 

    • The conversation that takes place between Coach Swann, a second coach and the player is the first step in resolving the issue.

    •  The coaches involved will hold a follow-up meeting with the player after 48-hours to see if the concern is being resolved. 


    • Every practice is mandatory. Every team dinner and every team service project is also mandatory. If a player is not at a mandatory function for whatever reason, that player will communicate with the coach and discuss the absence. The absence may result in the player moving further down the depth chart - this will be discussed with each player individually and at the coach’s discretion. Players, not parents, must communicate all anticipated absences as soon as you’re aware.

    • All players must wear her Irondale reversible jersey and shorts to every practice.

    • Be on time to every practice. The team needs to have shoes tied, stretched, and ready to go ten minutes before practice is scheduled to start.

    • The practice plans can be reviewed before practice and will be posted. 

    • Attendance

      1. A player missing a practice for an unexcused reason will forfeit playing time; the amount is determined at the coach’s discretion.

      2. A player missing a game for an unexcused reason will be ineligible for at least one game and is expected to be all subsequent practices or games.

    In-Game Rules

    • No talking to officials. Move on to the next play.

    • Always encourage teammates.

    • Sprint on and off court.

    • Shake or slaps teammates hands when leaving off the court.

    • Sprint to help your teammates up.

    • Always have a POSITIVE BODY LANGUAGE.

    • Follow dress code for home and away games. Dress code will be determined before games by Captains.


    • Minnesota State High School League and Irondale policies will be enforced during the season.

    • If you are at school, be in class on time.

    • Players missing 1/2 day or more of school cannot practice or play in game on that day.

    Varsity Lettering Criteria

    Varsity players, who are in good team standing at the end of the season and have played at least ten varsity halves, will earn a letter. Coaches have the final determination on letters.  

    Social Media

    Treat any post, text, picture, email, snap, etc as if it would be broadcast on the news for the entire world to see.  NOTHING is private and will be public knowledge.   \


    There will be a bus for away games for 9th/ JV/ Varsity. 

    Players who ride the bus to away games are expected to ride the bus back.