2021 Summer Running! (updated July 19th!)

    We are over halfway throught summer running! We are in Week 6/9 weeks!  Captains are leading runs most morning from 8-9:30am Monday-Friday - Summer running will start Monday, June 14 - 9 weeks of training!  Captains will meet by the track - please park in the North lot if you are driving to practice!

    Looking for more guys to be logging their summer miles to qualify for a Summer Running T-shirt!  If you don't log your miles you won't be eligible for the reward shirt!!!!


    Some suggestions for a successful summer of running!

    1. Pick a summer milage goal – make sure you pick a goal you think you can meet – if you have questions about what goal to pick – email Coach Torvi 

    2. try to run 5 days a week

    3. –Post your milage on the Training Log



    This summer and during the fall Cross Country season – coaches will be sending out important information via text messaging.  It is very important for all runners to please sign up for text alerts – there is a text alert for each team (Boys and Girls)

    Information for Boys Text Alert:

    Boys Remind Form


    August 16, 2021 Official start to Cross Country! (updated July 19th!)

    We are over quickly approaching the start of the cross country season.  Below is the practice schedule for the first 3 weeks before school starts!

    Some things you will want to make sure you complete before the first day of practice.

    -Make sure your physical is up to date.  Physicals are good for 3 years.  You will not be able to register for the team if your physical has expired.

    -Make sure to officially join the team online - registration will open early in August.

    -We will meet by the new building in the back of the high school - any runners that drive, should park in the new North parking lot by the tennis courts.


    Week 1

    Mon - 8-10am practice

    Tue- 8-10am practice 

    Wed- 8-10am practice

    Thur- 8-10am practice

    Fri- 8-10am 2 mile time trial on track


    Week 2

    Mon - 8-10am practice

    Tue- 8-10am practice 

    Wed- 8-10am practice

    Thur- 8-10am practice

    Fri- 8-12pm St Paul Open @ Como Park


    Week 3

    Mon - 8-10am practice

    Tue- 8-10am practice 

    Wed- 8-10am practice

    Thur- 8-10am St Olaf High School Showcase @ St Olaf

    Fri- 8-10am practice




    Team run / Team building event!

    -Monday, August 23 - We will do a long run in scenic O'Brian State Park (lunch @ park) and then hit the exciting ropes course @ Trollhaugen Adventure Park for some team building!

    More details will be posted as we get closer to this event!

    O'Brian State Park Website

    O'Brian Trail Map

    Trollhaugen Website

    Trollhaugen Adventure Video


    2020 Google Photo Album:




    Link to Register!


    Minnesota Department of Health-Covid Information!

    This link should be the most up to date Covid information from MDH






    Team Photo information!

     David Banks Photo Information

    There is a new process for ordering team photo's through David Banks Studios.

    Please text this code (Boys custom code: PGJX92338) to 90738 to get notified when your photos are ready to view and purchase





    Due to Covid concerns, we are not planning any carbo loads or meet treats for the 2020 season!