Course Catalog

  • Chef’s Challenge

    Course Description: This course covers the necessary steps of researching, pricing and budgeting, and the preparation of meals.  The course content emphasizes the students’ abilities to use appropriate team working characteristics such as communication, sharing interests, willingness to give and take, supportive risk taking, sharing responsibilities, assignment of tasks, accommodating for teammates strengths and weaknesses, and creativity.   

    Budgeting for Independent Living

    Course Description: This course covers budgeting for independent living. Content includes a special emphasis on locating affordable housing and identification of monthly expenses. Students will maintain a monthly budget for independent living. Students will participate in a variety of community experiences to identify resources in the community for independent living, support services, groceries, shopping, insurance, transportation and recreation/leisure activities.  

    Employment Skills Course

    Course Definition: Students will complete activities designed to get them thinking about, practicing and discussing soft skills important for careers, workplace readiness and personal success.  The following soft skills, identified as key to the success of young workers by U.S. businesses, will be covered in the course: communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism.

    Work-Based Learning/Site-Based Learning

    Course Definition: Work based learning may include paid work experience, volunteer service activities, job shadowing and worksite visits. Students benefit from work-based learning by acquiring job experience and work readiness skills, exploring career options, connecting with adult role models and increasing self-esteem. Students will be working on employment skills, focusing on key soft skills, that will be evaluated and reflected upon.

    Literacy For Life

    This course covers literacy skills necessary for self sufficiency, independent living, better health, leisure, and community participation.  Students will examine various literacy avenues including sources, outlets, and distribution channels.  Students will become more informed about sources for current news events, cultural features, entertainment opportunities, consumer research, recreational literature, and community resources

    Construction Trades

    This course will introduce safety in the workplace, specific tools for multiple construction trades which includes framing, electrical, drywall, and painting, and hands on experience at an introductory level for each trade. Students will become knowledgeable about their interests and skills in each area listed above, as well as employment opportunities in the area.


    This course uses a curriculum that systematically teaches prosocial skills. It focuses on four direct principles of learning: modeling, role-playing, feedback and transfer that have been used to teach a variety of behaviors, from academic competencies to sports, daily living skills, and vocational skills.

    Northeast Metro Career & Technical Center

    NE Metro 916 Career and Technical Center offers technical education and training for students who meet certain requirements. Students attend during their regular school day.

    Driver’s Permit Preparation

    This course helps students who have already completed a driver’s education course through an accredited school or who are 18 or older, study and review the Minnesota Driver’s Manual in preparation for taking the exam for the instructional permit.  

    Community Exploration

    Through weekly field trips, students learn about important resources in the community for recreation and leisure, medical and mental health care, public transportation, emergency or crisis assistance, employment and career exploration, post-secondary education, and civic participation.