Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni and Scholarship

  • The Mounds View High School Alumni Association was established in 1992, but has been functioning informally since 1986 when a gala reunion was held celebrating the school's 30th anniversary. The Association's mission is “to provide support for Mounds View High School students, programs and alumni.” As such, the Association annually awards a scholarship to a graduating senior.  For more information on the Alumni Association, please contact Kirsten Dawson or Joyce Kloncz.

    Distinguished Alumni Program

    In 1995, the Association launched the Distinguished Alumni program.


    Nominees must have graduated at least 10 years ago.

    The nomination process is on-going, but nominations close yearly on May 1.  Nominations forms may be picked up at Mounds View or Irondale High Schools or you can download a nomination form. Completed forms should be sent to Kirsten Dawson at 3558 Ridgewood Court, Arden Hills, MN 55112.

    Nominations may be made without completing an official form, but these must include a letter of support attesting to the qualifications and character of the candidate.

    Judging and recognition

    The panel of judges will consist of the Board of Directors of the Mounds View High School Alumni Association. Decisions will be determined by a majority vote of the panel of judges. Those selected will receive their awards at a school ceremony designed to introduce them to the community and school.


    1995 Kate Green (1968) and Paul Dye (1977)
    1996 Dan Buettner (1978), Steve Buettner (1963) and Nicholas Buettner (1986)
    1997 Gary Brudvig (1972) and Tom Manuel (1965)
    1998 Joyce Clasen Kloncz (1959)
    1999 Ellis Ohnstad, posthumously (1958)
    2000 Jack Oman (1978)
    2001 John Kubiatowicz (1983)
    2002 Kirsten LeVander Dawson (1960)
    2003 Lynda A. Morrison (1978)
    2004 Dr. Steve Lentz (1975)
    2006 Duane Condiff (1957) and Kristi Hawkinson Glass (1965)
    2009 Heidi Collins (1985)
    2011 Karen Anderson (1960) and Ted Vessey (1956)

    The Mounds View High School Alumni Association Scholarship

    In 1987, the Mounds View High School Alumni Association awarded its first scholarship in the amount of $500 in what has become an annual presentation. In 2013, the amount was raised to $1,000.

    Recipients (with alumni parents' names and graduation year in parentheses)

    1987 Patrick Martin (Jewell Perry, 1963)
    1988 Eric Anderson (Neal Anderson, 1956)
    1989 Melissa Rysgaard (John Rysgaard, 1962)
    1990 Brenda Peterson
    1991 Terri Snitker (Nancy Ellenwood, 1964)
    1992 Wendy Westberg (Sharon Holmberg, 1964)
    1993 Anthony Riter (Dick Riter, 1961)
    1994 Karin Thorn (Margaret Bauer, 1964)
    1995 Sarah Riter (Dick Riter, 1961)
    1996 Marlene Kaiser (Betty Raiolo, 1963)
    1997 Phoebe Larson (Mary Schweppe and Bert Lawson, 1965)
    1998 Kari Fenderson (Ann Erickson, 1973)
    1999 Kari Knutsen (Vicky Anderson, 1970)
    2000 Amy Bruce (Brian G. Bruce, 1972)
    2001 Ben Dahl (Suzanne Fjellman Dahl, 1970)
    2002 Emily Resch (Laurie Peterson and David Resch, 1970)
    2003 Bethany Nagan (Greg Nagan 1972 and Sheri Bruce 1976)
    2004 Jessica McEwen (Mike McEwen, 1973)
    2005 Kathleen Woolfrey (Scott Woolfrey, 1976)
    2006 Charles Pokora (Kathy Halweg, 1974)
    2007 Katie Queensland (Jane Eram, 1975)
    2010 Jacy Christenson (Tod Christenson and Kimberly King Christenson, 1976 and 1977)
    2013 Mason Zilka (Brad Zilka, 1972)
    2014 Elin Enrooth