Athletic Hall of Fame

  • Nominate an athlete, coach, or community member to the Mounds View High School Hall of Fame by submitting a nomination request to the Mounds View High School Activities Director. Click here for more information and to download the form.

    2007 Hall of Fame Inductees
    Gary Engen (teacher/coach)
    Herb King and Don Hewitt (Community Members)
    Bob Kranz (1965)
    Fred McSherry (1958)
    Patty "Walch" Percival (1984) 
    Wendy Satterlee (1988)

    2006 Hall of Fame Inductees
    Joe Holmberg (1963) 
    Fred Kunzman (1959) 
    Lynne Larson Plummer (1974) 
    Mary McCauley Long (1983)
    Jim Rosenkranz (1965) 

    2004 Hall of Fame Inductees
    Neal Anderson (1957)
    Gretchen Brandt (1992)
    Jim Brobin (coach)
    Bart Buetow (1968)
    Brad Buetow (1968)
    Stacey Fields (1992)
    Gary Frederickson (1967)
    Tina Johnson (1992)
    Ziggy Kauls (coach)
    Mark Landsberger (1973)
    Larry Lyden (1961)
    Rob McClanahan (1976)
    Bob Nelson (coach)
    Tom Schuh (coach)
    Bob Stewart (coach)
    Chris Tahti (1982)
    CeCe Cox Trelow (1974)
    Gary Trettel (1987)
    Elliot VanTroup (1979)
    Hillary Wackman (1983)
    Tom Wegleitner (coach)