• What is the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation?

    The Foundation is an independent non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising funds to benefit students throughout the Mounds View Public School District.

    What is the Foundation’s mission?

    The Foundation’s mission is to engage our community to invest in excellence in Mounds View Public Schools.  Simply put - the Foundation supports all our schools.

    When was the Foundation established?

    The 621 Foundation was chartered in 1987 by a group of community members including parents, business and community leaders.  In 2010, the “621 Foundation” was renamed the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation.

    What kinds of programs does the Foundation fund?

    The Foundation supports a wide range of programs that enhance opportunities for students throughout the Mounds View School District.  In recent years, donations and investments have supported a variety of initiatives, examples include the following:

    • ACT - The Foundation was the first in the state to underwrite the cost of having all district juniors take the ACT on site, expanding post-secondary opportunities for students.
    • Equity Promise Scholarship Program - The Foundation made a lead gift in support of the District’s efforts to position all students for post-secondary success.
    • Intentional Social Interaction Meetings - The Foundation is committed to funding these events which are focused on creating conditions to improve connectedness and address social equity gaps.
    • Laurentian Environmental Center - The Foundation’s support has expanded opportunities for all District 5th & 7th grader students to attend this unique outdoor learning camp.
    • Kindergarten Literacy Centers - The Foundation provided the necessary books and materials toboth Pike Lake and Snail Lake Kindergarten Literacy Centers when they opened in the fall of 2014.
    • Music Instrument Program - The Foundation is committed to supporting the efforts of the District to increase access to school owned music instruments and subsidize rental costs making band and orchestra accessible to all students.
    • STEAM - The Foundation continues its investment in supporting STEAM programming in the district, including increasing access to STEAM materials at the elementary and middle school levels and ongoing support of the Irondale and Mounds View High Schools Physics Fairs and STEAM Career Fairs.

    Who determines what programs are funded by the Foundation?

    The Mounds View Schools Education Foundation Board of Trustees works in partnership with Mounds View School District leadership to identify programs that align with the District’s operating plan. This process ensures the Foundation’s funding is equitably allocated and impactful.  The review of the Foundation’s program support takes place annually and is voted on by the Board of Trustees at the conclusion of its fiscal year.

    Do other school districts have Foundations?

    Yes, school districts across the country have similar education foundations, including more than 50 throughout Minnesota.

    What is the governance of the Foundation?

    The Mounds View Schools Education Foundation’s business is managed by its Board of Trustees. The executive committee includes the board president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. All Trustees must be nominated and elected by a majority of the board and serve 3 year terms.

    Who is eligible to become a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees?

    Any person committed to supporting the mission of the Foundation is eligible to serve as a Trustee once nominated and appointed by the Foundation’s leadership.

    What is the difference between the Foundation and school-based parent groups (PTA/PTO)?

    Both the Foundation and parent groups are critical to enhancing opportunities for students in our schools. While the PTA/PTO’s funding is specific to their respective schools, and often fund teacher or classroom specific needs, the Foundation’s funding aligns with the District operating plan to ensure the Foundations dollars are allocated throughout the District and are far-reaching in scope.

    How does the Foundation raise funds to provide programming support?

    The Foundation seeks to engage the community both through fundraising events and support from individuals, businesses and foundations.