Reopening elementary schools

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    Making an informed choice 

    The questionnaires below will be used to gather information about how your student will return to school as the District transitions K-5 students to in-person learning. Before you take the questionnaire, read the information below carefully. In making your choice, you are acknowledging the terms below regarding sending your child to school for in-person learning or staying in distance learning. You can read the Minnesota Safe Learning plan in its entirety here.

    The links to each school's questionnaire are at the bottom of this page. 

    What in-person learning will look like

    As we begin the phased approach of opening our elementary schools to full-time, in-person learning, your child's learning experience will look different than it did if they attended school during the blended (hybrid) learning model. Below, please find information we think will be helpful for you in making a decision for your child. 

    • The earliest start date for in-person learning could be January 19. Depending on questionnaire response rates and the need to move students and/or staff between these learning models, we may have to flex these dates. We hope to confirm the start dates by January 8. 
    • Per state guidelines, no more than three grade levels will be allowed to start in-person learning at one time. This means the transition will be a phased approach with staggered start dates for various grades, tentatively grades K-2 starting first and grades 3-5 starting two weeks later.
    • In-person students will attend school daily, Monday through Friday, according to their school's traditional hours. 
    • Students will be required to wear masks at all times, with the exception of outdoor recess time. Masks will be provided by the District if necessary. 
    • Students will be placed in classes at up to 100% capacity, unlike the blended model in which students were placed in classes at up to 50% capacity. 
    • Current guidance states that all meals will be served in the students' homeroom classroom. 
    • Gym classes will take place in the gymnasium or outdoors as appropriate. Masks are required for all indoor exercise. 
    • Outdoor recess will continue at 100% capacity. Masks will not be required for outdoor recess. 
    • Distancing for students: For the in-person model, school staff cannot guarantee a distance of six feet among students who are gathering in the following settings: classrooms, gym class, recess and school buses. Every effort will be made to provide a minimum of three feet distance between students. 
    • Distancing for staff: School staff will attempt to remain six feet from their students. In the case of small group instruction or close quarters, there may be clear physical barriers added.
    • Current guidance states that all school staff should wear face masks and face shields as appropriate. These will be provided by the District. 
    • All school staff will have the opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks. This will be encouraged, but not required. 
    • In the event of a postitive case, it is possible that groups of students or even an entire class may need to temporarily shift to distance learning. 
    • To learn more about the health and safety requirements please review selected information from the updated MN Safe Learning Plan.

    What distance learning will look like 

    If you choose to continue distance learning for your child, it will look very similar to how your child is currently learning. However, based on staffing logistics that are heavily dependent on how many students choose in-person learning or distance learning, there may be some changes. 

    • Depending on how many students are transitioning to in-person learning, it's possible that we'll have to make staffing adjustments that will impact distance learners. This could mean that your child may be assigned to a new distance learning class with a new teacher.
    • If you choose to continue in distance learning, the next opportunity to transition to in-person learning will be April 12, 2021. 
    • Students will have some live instruction as well as some independent work to complete Monday-Thursday of each week. 
    • Friday afternoons will continue to be largely independent work time for students. Teachers will use this time to plan, collaborate, communicate and create content to be used throughout the upcoming week.
    • Students will continue to have some live instruction time with a teacher as well as at-home work to complete on their own. 

    Give us your decision

    You will need your child's student identification number to complete the survey. It can be found in your child's ParentVue account or in the email you received on Monday, December 21.

    Please select your child's school to begin the questionnaire.

    Note: Please fill out one form per student in your household. At the end of the form, you will have an option to return to this page to fill it out for additional students. Only one parent/guardian needs to complete the form for each child.

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