Reopening secondary schools

  • Following state guidance, secondary schools can reopen for blended (hybrid) learning if/when COVID-19 case counts drop below 30. We don’t know when this may occur for Mounds View Public Schools. But in anticipation of this eventuality, the District is preparing to share the following messages with secondary school families.

    • Whenever we are able to open schools for blended learning, we plan to keep students in the same learning model they were in prior to the all-school shift to distance learning in November.
      • Distance learners prior to the shift will remain in distance learning. Blended learners prior to the shift will return to blended learning.
    • If (and only if) parents wish to make a change and have their child transition to a different model, they must complete a questionnaire indicating their desire to shift.
    • This information will be shared with all secondary school families on Friday, January 29, with a deadline of February 3 for any family who wishes to indicate a desire to shift learning models.

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