Annual Notices

  • Translation assistance

    To learn more about District programs and events in Spanish or Hmong, please call Angel Toro (Spanish) at 651-724-2854 or Mee Yang (Hmong) at 651-724-0396.

    Para aprender mas sobre los programas del Distrito Escolar y de los eventos en esta edicion de School Talk, llame a Angel Toro al 651-724-2854

    Yog xa paub ntau tshaj nov txog peb lub District cov program thiab kev sib sau ua ke ntawm peb cov tsev kawm ntawv thiab niam txiv nrog rau me nyuam kawm ntawv uas muaj nyob rau hauv tsab ntawv School Talk no, thov hu rau Mee Yang ntawm 651-724-0396

    Pesticides and Herbicides: Parents’ right to know

    A Minnesota state law went into effect in the year 2000 that requires schools to inform parents and guardians if they apply certain pesticides on school property. Specifically, this law requires schools that apply these pesticides to maintain an estimated schedule of pesticide applications and to make the schedule available to parents and guardians for review or copying at each school office. The long-term effects on children from application of such pesticides, or the class of chemicals to which they belong, may not be fully understood. If you would like to be notified prior to pesticide applications made on days other than those specified in the estimated schedule (excluding emergency applications), please contact Chris Paquette at 651-621-6090.

    District-wide annual asbestos notification

    Mounds View Public Schools has continued to respond to asbestos in buildings in a cautious and proactive manner. Building administration will continue with its ongoing asbestos operations and maintenance program, including periodic surveillance inspections, which are conducted on a semiannual basis. Also required as part of AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act-EPA) are re-inspections, which are conducted by accredited inspectors every three years since the implementation of the District’s Management Plan. The building administration’s ongoing efforts related to the management and control of asbestos-containing materials are focused on providing a safe environment for our building occupants and employees. If you have any questions, would like to review the management plan, or are interested in recent response actions completed at the buildings, please contact Chris Paquette at 651-621-6090