• Being Kind - Small Acts/Big Differences

    High-profile, organized service projects are honorable acts of kindness that students and staff often offer their communities. But sometimes it’s the smallest acts that make the biggest differences in the lives of our students, families and staff. 

    Mounds View Public Schools would like to shine the light on some of the typically unseen acts of kindness that are offered in the simplest of ways. 

    • The kindergartner who gives their birthday crown to a classmate who is especially sad that day.
    • The senior who joins a freshman who is eating lunch alone. 
    • The middle school student who asks their teacher how they’re feeling after learning the teacher lost a relative.

    Thinking of kind acts performed by students or staff, please tell us - in 100 words or fewer - who was kind to whom. (The recipient can remain anonymous if necessary.) What happened? When? Why? What was the recipient’s reaction? 

    The District will regularly share these brief stories with our school communities throughout the school year via enewsletters, social media, videos and other communications. All submissions will be reviewed and discussed with the sender before mass communication will occur. No surprises for anyone!

    Give us the scoop here!