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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Cheryl Josephson

Hello, I am a Special Education, Reading, and Work-Based Learning Teacher at Mounds View High School. Please visit Google Classroom for class recordings, course assignments, and materials. 



Room 168c


Daily Class Schedule:

Period 1.... U.S. History Skills

Period 3.... Reading Workshop

Period 5.... Work-Based Learning/OJT


Period 2.... Career Skills

Period 4.... PREP

Period 6.... Work-Based Learning/OJT


Course Information:


credit value .5 per semester      grades 11, 12

In this English Language Arts course, students will increase their reading comprehension skills using a variety of before-, during-, and after–reading strategies.  By the end of the course, students will be able to use strategies to independently: identify the central idea, summarize text, determine word meaning/choice, and make an inference in informational and literary texts.


3745 & 3746 US HISTORY SKILLS 10 

credit value .5 per semester             grade 10

This course is designed for qualified students who demonstrate needs in the area of US history. Students receive small group instruction, slower pace, and modified curriculum. Time periods covered include pre-European discovery to the 21st century.


3817 & 3818 CAREER SKILLS

credit value .5 per semester + 1.0 WBL       grades 10, 11, 12

This course provides students with the skills necessary for securing and maintaining employment. Students will gain employment skills and prepare a post-secondary education and employment plan upon completion of the course. Some of the course activities will include completing vocational assessments, online job applications, and investigating career options. Guest speakers, employment topics, and post-secondary education options will be discussed on a continuing basis. Students will create a resume, learn interviewing techniques, and gain real-world job skills while working in the building and/or community.

Students who meet the guidelines for outside employment will be eligible to earn up to 1.0 elective credit. The combination of classroom instruction and worksite participation in a paid job site will enhance student learning. The Work Coordinator will work with the student to complete and file necessary forms and materials.