Meals for students


    • Breakfast: FREE for ALL STUDENTS through June 2022
    • Lunch: FREE for ALL STUDENTS through June 2022*
    • Milk: $0.60 (if your student brings a lunch from home and purchases milk)

    *The Minnesota Department of Education has announced an extension of the USDA’s “Free Meals for Kids” program until June 30, 2022. This program provides free meals for all students regardless of eligibility.

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District Nutrition Services Department

Nutrition Services Staff

Katherine Hillman
Katherine Hillman
Assistant Cook Manager
Sheri Basara
Sheri Basara
Debra Longen
Debra Longen
Cook Manager
Susan Bowe
Susan Bowe
NS Employee
Lisa Hartmann
Lisa Hartmann
NS Employee
Mirian Jimenez
Mirian Jimenez
NS Employee
Trisha Kasen
Trisha Kasen
NS Employee
Teresa Ng
Teresa Ng
NS Employee
Johnny Paulsen
Johnny Paulsen
NS Employee
Bev Roback
Bev Roback
NS Employee