Meals for students

Meal Payments & Pricing

  • Kindergarten and Elementary:

    • Kindergarten Breakfast - Free
    • Breakfast - $1.65
    • Lunch - $2.70

    Middle school and high school:

    • Breakfast - $1.65
    • Lunch - $2.95
    • After-school snack - $1.50

    Elementary, middle, and high schools:

    • Milk - $0.60 (If your student brings a lunch from home and purchases milk, or if your student would like a second carton of milk with their meal)
    • Adult breakfast - $2.25
    • Adult lunch - $4.00

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Request for Refund

District Nutrition Services Department

Nutrition Services Staff

  • Angie Kacures
    Angie Kacures
    Kitchen Manager

    Kathy Ellingson
    Kathy Ellingson
    Assistant Kitchen Manager

    Laura Page
    Laura Page

    Michele Bacher
    Michele Bacher

    Jona Borja
    Jona Borja

    Shannon Flostrand
    Shannon Flostrand

    Gina Hager
    Gina Hager

    Farah Hassan
    Farah Hassan

    Sanita Matoshi
    Sanita Matoshi

    Kathy Olson
    Kathy Olson

    Aleida Valentin Agudo
    Aleida Valentin Agudo

    Linda Wanamaker
    Linda Wanamaker

    Cari Weber
    Cari Weber