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Bridges Staff Directory

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  • Morris
  • Naig
  • Nitchie
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  • Integration and equity liaisons are available for translations and to meet the educational and cultural needs of students and families throughout the District. Click here for a directory. To secure a sign language interpreter, please contact your child's school.

Paige Dopp
Paige Dopp
Program Coordinator
Phone: 651-621-6163
Tess Koepcke
Tess Koepcke
Social Worker
Phone: 651-621-6170
Laurie Valento
Laurie Valento
Phone: 651-621-6160
Julie Luedke
Julie Luedke
Assistive Technology Specialist, Physical/Health Disabilities Teacher
Phone: 651-621-6183
Terrell Taylor
Terrell Taylor
Phone: 651-621-6176
Jarren Dean
Jarren Dean
Phone: 651-621-6162
Shelby Naig
Shelby Naig
Health Assistant
Phone: 651-621-6160
Adam Runkel
Adam Runkel
Dev Adapted Physical Ed
Phone: 651-621-6185
Joe Dustin
Joe Dustin
Dev. Adapted Physical Ed
Phone: 651-621-6182
Heidi Meyers
Heidi Meyers
Phone: 651-621-6172
Kelle Nitchie
Kelle Nitchie
Phone: 651-621-6176
Kathryn O'Brien
Kathryn O'Brien
Phone: 651-621-6171
Melinda Boe
Melinda Boe
Para Professional
Phone: 651-621-6160
Jacqueline Morris
Jacqueline Morris
Para Professional
Phone: 651-621-6160
Pamela Pearson
Pamela Pearson
Para Professional
Phone: 651-621-6160
Jordan Tourville
Jordan Tourville
Para Professional
Phone: 651-621-6160
Kalie Watkins
Kalie Watkins
Para Professional
Phone: 651-621-6160
Magdiel Tapias-Henrich
Magdiel Tapias-Henrich
Special Ed Para Professional
Phone: 651-621-6160
Erin Becker
Erin Becker
Special Education Para
Phone: 651-621-6160
Jackson Dobbs
Jackson Dobbs
Special Education Para
Phone: 651-621-6160

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