Work Based Learning

  • All students participate in work-based learning as part of their CLT program. Work-based learning opportunities may include: paid work experience, volunteer service, job shadowing, worksite visits and career exploration and planning. Students benefit from work-based learning by acquiring workplace experience and work readiness skills, exploring career options, connecting with adult role models and increasing self-esteem.

Business Education Partnerships

  • What is a Business Education Partnership?

    Business Education Partnerships are mutually beneficial collaborations between business and schools.  Student experiences and activities take place at both the school and worksite.

    Partnerships are individualized based on the needs of businesses and students and may include:

    • Paid work experience
    • Job Shadowing
    • Worksite Tours and Visits
    • Career and E-Mentoring
    • Career Speakers
    • Volunteer Experience

    How do partnerships benefit business?

    • Better prepared employees who understand workplace expectations
    • Reduced recruitment and training costs
    • On-going, on-site work training for students from CLT staff
    • CLT supervisor to accompany students to work if necessary
    • Assistance with necessary adaptations and/or modifications (ADA compliance)
    • Completion of employment paperwork
    • Improved morale of current workers
    • Public Recognition to the Mounds View and Roseville Area Schools

    How do partnerships benefit students?

    • Acquire real workplace experience and work readiness skills
    • Improve functional literacy skills including reading, math, writing and communication
    • Explore career options
    • Increase self confidence
    • Connect with adult role models
    • Expand opportunities
    • Realize the relevance of their education and apply knowledge in a meaningful way

    For more information about Business Education Partnerships please contact Nancy Krawetz - (651) 621-7983

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