About REACH Academy


    Reach Academy is a Federal Setting 4 special education program offered through the Mounds View Public School District #621. Reach Academy is located in Shoreview, Minnesota.


    Reach Academy provides educational and emotional services for approximately 30 students in grades 8 - 12 from the Mounds View School District.


    The staff at Reach Academy includes teachers with licensure in special education, school
    social workers, Ramsey County Project Enhance Social Workers, a district level school nurse, a vocational coordinator, a school resource officer, a student services coordinator, and paraprofessionals who assist with classroom management and social achievement.


    Reach Academy uses a behavioral intervention that is based on the methods and concepts of "Discipline With Love and Logic" by Jim Faye and Foster Cline and the concepts and principles of "Raising Responsible Kids" by Corwin Kronenberg. The basic approach is to teach students to be responsible, respectful, and safe in today's world. Appropriate behaviors are modeled, reinforced, and taught throughout the entire program. Secondary reinforcers (i.e. social approval, encouragement, grades, and activities) are used throughout the program. The atmosphere is a nurturing one where students can develop and enhance their problem-solving skills and are given
    the opportunity to make "FIX IT PLANS."


    Class size is 4-8 students per class. Differentiated instruction is used to meet
    the individual needs of the student. Strong emphasis is given to the Minnesota Comprehensive
    Assessments. Each student is allowed to progress at his/her own rate and is evaluated on
    individual progress according to his/her abilities.

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