Teens, Inc. Driving School

  • This program is for students 14 years and up and will be conducted through distance or in-person learning by a certified instructor from Teens, Inc. Driving School, Inc., and will fulfill the state driver’s education requirement. The classroom portion of the course will consist of lectures and discussion.
    Online Class times:  3:00-6:00pm, 4:00-7:00pm, or 6:15-9:15pm  
    January 10th - 27th
    January 31st - February 16th
    February 22nd - March 9th
    March 14th - 29th
    April 11th - 26th
    April 27th - May 12th
    May 16th - 27th
    June 13th - 28th
    In-Person Classroom Schedules:
    Class times:  3:30-6:30pm
    January 10th - 26th @ Mounds View  
    February 14th - March 2nd @ Irondale
    March 21st - April 5th @ Mounds View
    April 6th - 21st @ Irondale
    April 25th - May 10th @ Mounds View

    Class times: 7:00-8:30pm
    January 13th
    February 3rd
    March 10th
    April 15th
    May 13th

    Visit http://teensincdriving.com/ for schedule and more information or to register call 651-468-1278.