EPAT - Edgewood Parents and Teachers

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    Edgewood Parents & Teachers (EPAT) is an organization in which parents, as well as Edgewood (EW) teachers and administration work together to help meet the needs of the EW students and staff. This includes funding for EPAT-sponsored student events, providing grants to teachers for items not covered in the school's budget, and staff appreciation events.

    We understand that not all families may be in a position to give right now, but if you have the means, please consider a direct donation to EPAT. There are several ways to contribute, but direct donation maximizes the dollars available to support our students and teachers! Here are our current fundraisers:

    • Direct Donation
      • Send it via U.S. mail to:
        Edgewood Middle School, Attn: EPAT
        5100 Edgewood Drive, Mounds View, MN 55112
      • Shannon Mildenberger is available at Edgewood to receive donations in person
      • Donate online:
        o Venmo information (see below)
    • Amazon Smile (Group Name: Edgewood Middle School PTO)
    • Tasteocracy (Group Name: Edgewood Parents and Teachers PTO Group)

    If you would like more information or are willing to volunteer your time to support the EW community, go to our website at https://www.moundsviewschools.org/edgewood or please contact margaret.meyer@moundsviewschools.org or lockwood.kimberly@gmail.com.

    Check the weekly Edgewood E-news for updates on EPAT and our upcoming meetings.