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    Thanks to support from voters, Chippewa is preparing to add much-needed space to its facility.


    Chippewa improvements


    With 12 facility expansions to manage, the District is taking a multi-year, phased approach to construction at each site. For Chippewa, this means an approximately two-year project from start to finish.


    Design                                       Construction                                        Completion

    Late 2018 – Early 2019       Spring 2020 – Fall 2020                                  Fall  2020


    Design phase

    When the design phase begins for a school, stakeholder teams at each building will collaborate with the architects to develop the best design for each school. The teams will seek feedback from the community, and the architects will welcome ideas and input from anyone who’d like to contribute. The school principal for each building will be the main point of communication for stakeholders. Anyone interested in providing input should work with their school principal.


    Design committee members




    Chippewa concept drawing

Construction updates

  • Watch this space for recent news, announcements or updates.