This summer and during the fall Cross Country season – coaches will be sending out important information via text messaging.  It is very important for all runners and parents to please sign up for text alerts!

    Information for Boys Text Alert:

    Boys Remind Form


    End of Season Awards Banquet! (DATE CHANGE!)

    We will celebrate a great season on Thursday, Nov 4 - 5:30-7pm in the new Multi-Purpose Room in front of Irondale!

    Please RSVP by Sunday, Oct 31!


    State Meet Bus RSVP!

    Any runners that would like to ride a bus to cheer on Felix and Elizabeth at the state meet, please sign up on the RSVP!

    State Meet Bus RSVP


    Weekly Schedule! (updated Oct 14!)

    Week 1

    Mon - 8-10am First Practice - meet by new building in back of school!

    Tue- 8-10am practice 

    Wed- 8-10am practice

    Thur- 8-10am practice

    Fri- 7:30-9am 2 Mile Track Time Trial @ Irondale Track

           7:30am Warm up

           8am Time Trial

    Sat- Practice on own 


    Week 2

    Mon - Team building day(run @ O'Brian State Park/Trollhaugen adventure park)

    Tue- 8-10am practice 

    Wed- 8-10am practice

    Thur- 8-10am practice

    Fri- 8-12pm St Paul Open @ Lake Elmo Park Reserve ($7 fee to enter park)

           8:30am bus to Lake Elmo (masks on bus!)

           10:05am Boys varsity

           11:15am Boys jv

           12pm bus to Irondale

    Sat- Practice on own / 8:30-10am help with 5km run on Irondale trails


    Week 3

    Mon - 8-10am practice

    Tue- 8-10am practice 

    Wed- 8-10am practice

    Thur- 7am-1pm St Olaf High School Showcase @ St Olaf

              7am Bus to St Olaf

              9am Girls JV

              9:45am Girls Varsity

              10:30am Boys Varsity

              11:15am Boys JV

              12pm Bus departs St Olaf

    Fri- 8-10am practice 

    Sat- Practice on own


    Team Photo information!

     David Banks Photo Information

    There is a new process for ordering team photo's through David Banks Studios.

    Please text this code (Boys custom code: PGMV86578) to 90738 to get notified when your photos are ready to view and purchase


    Week 4

    Mon - Labor Day- No practice / practice on own

    Tue- 3pm Team Photo- please wear uniform and warm-ups!

            3:30-5:15pm practice - please bring workout clothing to change into after team photo

    Wed- 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Thur- Tim Hoag Invitational @ Anoka HS

              1:40pm HV bus

              1:50pm EW bus

              2:00pm Irondale Bus - north lot by tennis courts

              3:30pm Girls JV

              4:10pm Boys JV

              4:50pm Girls Varsity

              5:30pm Boys Varsity

    Fri- 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Sat- TBD


    Week 5

    Mon - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Tue - 3:30-5:15pm practice 

    Wed - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Thur - Irondale/FL Dual @ Silverview Park - no bus, please arrive by 4pm @ Silverview

              4:30pm Girls 5km

              5:15pm Boys 5km

    Fri - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Sat- TBD


    Week 6

    Mon - 3:30-5:15pm practice - Irondale Trails

    Tue - 3:30-5:15pm practice - Long Lake Park

    Wed - 3:30-5:15pm practice - Silverview

    Thur -3:30-5:15pm practice - Pre meet / EW

    Fri - Griak Invitational @ U of M Les Bolstad Golf Course (Only top 10 race)

              3:45pm bus to Griak

              5:15pm Boys Maroon 5km

              6:00pm Girls Maroon 5km

    Sat- TBD


    Week 7

    Mon - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Tue - 3:30-5:15pm practice 

    Wed - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Thur - Osseo Invitational @ Elm Creek Park

              1:40pm HV bus / 1:50pm EW Bus / 2:00pm ID Bus

              3:30pm Girls JV

              4:05pm Boys JV

              4:35pm Girls Varsity

              5:05pm Boys Varsity

    Fri - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Sat- TBD


    Week 8

    Mon - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Tue - 3:30-5:15pm practice 

    Wed - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Thur - Irondale Invite @ Brightwood Hills

              3:30pm Girls JH - 2.5km

              3:45pm Boys JH - 2.5km

              4:00pm Girls JV

              4:40pm Boys JV

              5:10pm Girls Varsity

              5:45pm Boys Varsity

    Fri - 8-10am practice

    Sat- TBD


    Week 9

    Mon - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Tue - 3:30-5:15pm practice 

    Wed - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Thur - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Fri - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Sat- TBD


    Week 10

    Mon - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Tue - SEC Championship @ Tanners Brook GC

              3:30pm Boys Varsity 

              4:00pm Girls Varsity 

              4:30pm Boys JV

              5:00pm Girls JV

    Wed - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Thur - 8-10am practice


    Fri - 8-10am practice

    Sat- TBD


    Week 11

    Mon - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Tue - 3:30-5:15pm practice 

    Wed - 3:30-5:15pm practice

    Thur - Section 5AAA @ Anoka HS

              1:45pm Early Release @ ID

              1:50pm Bus @ EW

              2:00pm Bus @ ID

              3:15pm Girls Varsity 

              3:55pm Boys Varsity 

              4:30pm Awards

              4:45pm Girls JV

              5:15pm Boys JV

    Fri - TBD

    Sat- TBD


    Week 12

    Mon - 3:15pm Uniform turn in!

    Tue - TBD 

    Wed - TBD

    Thur - TBD

               5:30-7pm Team Awards Banquet - Multi-Purpose Room


    Fri - State meet course preview for any runners that qualify for state meet

    Sat- State meet @ St Olaf College



    2020 Google Photo Album:



    Minnesota Department of Health-Covid Information!

    This link should be the most up to date Covid information from MDH


    New link coming soon...









    Carbo-load/pasta feeds are TBD - we would like families to to please help bring drinks and treats to meets!



    Parent / Runner Team Meeting!(August 25th!)

    If you were not able to attend the meeting- information is in Parent Meeting Letter 

    -21-22 Alternative Transportations Form- school is once again allowing athletes to drive themselves to and from meets.  Please fill out form and turn in to Coach Torvi  

    Twin Cities Marathon Water Stop Fundraiser!(August 10th!)

    Sunday, October 3, 2021- early morning (6:30-9:30am)

    Every year we hand out water at the first watere stop of the Twin Cities Marathon.  This is an important fundraiser for the team and a great way to give back to the running community!  Please sign up early and list Irondale CC in registration!

    Registration Instructions:

    1. Click this link
    2. Enter the password: FLUID2.521 in the box that says “have a password? Enter it here” this will unlock the Saturday Events Fluid station position. If you don’t enter this password in, you will not be able to see the position.
    3. Enter information & submit – please be sure to indicate Irondale CC as the group you are part of while filling out information



    2021 Summer Running! (Updated August 8th!)

    Summer running is coming to a close! We are in Week 9/9 weeks!  Captains are leading runs most morning from 8-9:30am Monday-Friday - Summer running will start Monday, June 14 - 9 weeks of training!  Captains will meet by the track - please park in the North lot if you are driving to practice!

    Looking for more guys to be logging their summer miles to qualify for a Summer Running T-shirt!  If you don't log your miles you won't be eligible for the reward shirt!!!!


    Some suggestions for a successful summer of running!

    1. Pick a summer milage goal – make sure you pick a goal you think you can meet – if you have questions about what goal to pick – email Coach Torvi 

    2. try to run 5 days a week

    3. –Post your milage on the Training Log