• 2020-2021 Irondale Nordic Skiing 


    Summer Training Information:

    Summer training options are looking a lot better this year - compared to last year!  Lots of information is being posted on skinnyski.com. Make sure to check it out!



    Irondale Summer Rollerski:

    Details for summer workouts!

    Captains will be leading rollerski workouts. They would be meeting on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-11am - meeting at the ski room (new building in very back of Irondale)!

    Make sure you always wear a helmet and gloves while rollerskiing!

    Coach Torvi will be @ the ski room June 15 & 17 (First week of summer rollerkskiing to help hand out gear to anyone that needs rollerski gear). If you are not able to make these dates, just send an email to to coach torvi to schedule a time to get gear!

    If you are not able to meet at these times, we strongly encourage skiers to take rollerskis home and get some rollerskiing in on your own!

    Training addition - the team has purchased 2 SkiErgs  (Strength and conditioning equipment that simulates double pole technique). The SkiErgs will be available during training sessions this summer!

    SkiErg Technique

    SkiErg First Workouts

    Returning this summer - Log your summer rollerski hours and earn a T-SHIRT!!!

    Link to log your summer rollerski hours!


    Some Rollerski basics and safery:

    Always wear a helmet and gloves for safety!

    Rollerski basics video

    Rollerski Drills

    Slowing down on rollerskis

    Rollerski technique cues

    Ski walking / bounding


    Remind - Texting information

    Coach Torvi uses the Remind texting service to send lots of team information.  Athletes and parents - please sign up to get the most current team information!

    Nordic Remind Info


    Return to Section 5!

    Every 2 years the MSHSL does section realignments.  For the next 2 years - Irondale returns to section 5!


    Link to Record Time Trial Results

    Training Log Form

    Training Zone Overview


    Skier Survey Dec 2020



    Sesaons Passes:

    Depending on natural snow to ski changes dramatically each year. 

    2019-20 ski season we had skiable snow @ Irondale almost all season long.

    2018-19 season we had very few days we could ski @ Irondale....  We traveled to Wirth 2-3 days a week.....  Almost all are meets were held at man-made snow locations..... 

    There are 2 park systems that make snow for nordic skiing: The Loppet Foundation makes snow @ Theodore Wirth GC and 3 Rivers Parks makes snow @ Elm Creek and Hyland Park.  Skiers can purchase both passes if they want, if you only get 1 pass - I recommend getting the Loppet/Wirth pass.  

    Theodore Wirth/Loppet Foundation pass($50) - you purchase this yourself / online.  Use the Link to purchase Loppet Pass and enter ID21 in the discount code box - DEC 15 DEADLINE TO GET DISCOUNTED PRICE!!!

    3 Rivers parks($37.50) offer discounted ski passes to high school skiers.  You can sign up for a pass and purchase through the team.  Team Pass Order Form

    If your family skis a lot - it might be more benificial to purchase the passes on your own.

    Loppet Foundation offers a family discount.  The first pass costs $90, each additonal pass cost $50 (same price as team discount pass)Link to Purchase Loppet Pass

    3 Rivers parks offers the same type of discount.  The first pass costs $75, each additional pass cost $37.50(same price as team discount pass) - Link to Purchase 3 Rivers Ski Pass.






    Some Basic technique Video's

    Beginning Skate Technique

    Beginning Classic Technique


    World Cup Video's

    World cup video of continuous pursuit  - specifically go to 35:00 on video to see change of classic to skate skis!

    Ruka Finland-Men's and Women's Sprint Finals

    Ruka Finland-Men's 15km Pursuit


    Headbands and Buffs!

    The team is getting some new uniforms this season!  Using the same company - skiers/parents have the option of purchasing a headband or buff with similar artwork!

    Mt Borah Online Store



    New Glide Waxing Options:

    With the covid restrictions, glide waxing will look very different this year.  Thankfully, wax companies have made a huge leap in waxing options that are easy, fast and very effective!  Coaches are recommending all skiers purchase Rex G21 spray glide wax.  Below is a link to Rex Wax with a really good video on wax application!

    Rex Ski Wax  

    Ski Waxing Video! 


    Daily Practice: 

    Practice is very weather dependant and can change quickly, forcing a change in the workout plan!

    Please be prepared to ski/run/rollerski every day!  

    Be prepared with hat, gloves and light layers every day!

    Rollerski TT Map

    Run w/Poles TT Map


    Photo Link  -We will be adding photo's from throughout the season to a Google Photo page!  Thanks to the parents that are contributing photo's!




    Parent Social - TBD



    Irondale Mn Youth Ski League!

    Sunday's 2-3:30pm January and February

    Alumni skier- Laura Jankowski is coordingating the 3rd year of a MYSL learn to ski group out of Irondale!  The target age for this group is elementary age 1st-5th graders.  The program will last 8 weeks - 1.5 hours each Sunday - January and February.  The group will meet out of the ski room and ski the Irondale trails.

    Laura will be looking for skiers that are willing to help teach skiing!

    Have questions?  Email Laura Jankowski - irondale@mysl.org  

    Link to the Irondale MYSL website:  Irondale MYSL Club


    Rollerski Videos!

    Rollerskiing Motivation!


    World Cup Video's 

    19-20 Tour de Ski

    19-20 World Cup-Men

    World Cup - Lillehammer, Norway

    Lillehammer Womens Skiathlon

    Lillehammer Mens Skiathalon


    World Cup - Ruka, Finland

    Ruka Women's Sprint Final

    Ruka-Men's Sprint Finals

    Ruka Women's Classic

    Ruka Men's Classic

    Ruka Women's Skate Pursuit

    Ruka Men's Skate Pursuit