•  Welcome to Irondale Nordic Skiing 2017-2018


    Weekly Schedule:  

    We are a weather dependant sport!

    Skiers should be prepared to run(outside or inside!), rollerski or ski every day! The weather can change quickly and we sometime have to make last minute changes to the practice plan!


    Team Photo on Friday, Jan 19!

    2:30pm Individual photo's for those that would like them

    3pm Team Photo! (make sure to get an order form in ski room!)



    Week 10 - Jan 15-21 

    Monday- MLK Day!  With new snow - we will classic ski @ Irondale! 

                 8:30am wax classic skis

                 9-10:30am classic ski trail

                 Weather forecast looks very cold - dress warm!

    Tuesday- 3-5pm Practice @ Irondale

    Wednesday- Classic Race @ Wirth

    Thursday- 3-5pm Practice @ Irondale

    Friday-3-5pm- 2:30pm Individual photo's

                          3pm Team photo!

                          practice after photo!

    Saturday- 8am-10:30am Practice @ TBD

    Sunday- Practice on your own!

    Week 11 - Jan 22-28

    This is finals week - know it will be very busy - please do your best to manage your time!

    Monday- 3-5pm Practice @ Irondale

    Tuesday- 3-5pm Practice @ Irondale

    Wednesday- Skate Race @ Hyland! 

    Thursday- 3:30pm Classic Race  @ Baker!

    Friday- 8:30-10am Practice  @ Irondale!

    Saturday- 8am-10:30am Practice @ Wirth

    Sunday- Practice on your own!

    Week 12 - Jan 29-Feb 4

    Monday- JV Championship @ Wirth

    Tuesday- 3-5pm Practice @ Irondale

    Wednesday- Conference Championship @ Wirth 

    Thursday- 3-5pm Practice  @ Irondale!

    Friday- 3-5pm Practice  @ Irondale!

    Saturday- Time: TBD - Location: TBD  

    Sunday- Practice on your own!


    World Cup - Lillehammer, Norway

    Lillehammer Womens Skiathlon

    Lillehammer Mens Skiathalon


    World Cup - Ruka, Finland

    Ruka Women's Sprint Final

    Ruka-Men's Sprint Finals

    Ruka Women's Classic

    Ruka Men's Classic

    Ruka Women's Skate Pursuit

    Ruka Men's Skate Pursuit