Post Secondary Services

Michael Werner

Upcoming Events

  • October 1 - November 6: Free Application to University of Minnesota Crookston

    When applying to UMN Crookston from October until November 6th, our $25 application fee is waived (no code needed).

    Also, we are now test-free which means we will not review nor consider standardized tests for admission and scholarships. In fact, we tell students not to bother sending their tests because we will not look at them. Instead, we look to admit students who demonstrate not only academic success, but also success in the areas of leadership, community engagement, commitment, and special talents. We recognize that standardized tests cannot measure these personal qualities, so we provide plenty of ways for a student to demonstrate this and share more about themselves! 


Pre-College Programs and Opportunities

  • Stanford University AI Program

    My name is Adeesh, and I’m the Program Head at Inspirit AI, a pre-college artificial intelligence program developed and taught by a team of Stanford PhD students. I’m reaching out to invite your students to apply for our upcoming program this winter!

    AI Scholars Live Online exposes students to fundamental AI concepts and guides them to build socially impactful projects in a domain of their interest such as healthcare, robotics, finance, sustainability. This past summer and fall over 900 high school students completed projects such as tracing the origins of COVID-19 or predicting bias in legal decision-making. We'd love to invite your students to apply for our Winter Break and Spring Semester program. Students may apply here by October 31st.

    I’ve linked our brochure and included a description of the program below. I'd really appreciate it if you could share this information with your students in grades 9-12. We’d be thrilled to work with them!