2019-20 Communication Plan

  • Proactive parent communication at Island Lake is an important aspect of our work. Our primary goals are to:

    • Support family/teacher relationships focused on student growth.
    • Provide multiple opportunities for teachers to proactively inform parents of their child’s social, behavioral, and academic performance and progress.

    Meet Your Teacher and Early Goal Setting Meetings

    Meet Your Teacher and Early Goal Setting Meetings (EGSM) take place before the school year starts. Our goal is to meet with every child’s family for an Early Goal Setting Meeting. We’ve listened to parent feedback about our EGSMs and will concentrate our time on getting to know your child during these meetings before the school year starts.

    Curriculum Nights

    We highly encourage every family to attend grade-level hosted Curriculum Nights to learn about literacy and math instruction, social skills instruction, and share important grade level information. These evenings also give parents a chance to meet with our school’s Specialists (Art, Physical Education, Music, Technology, and Science), and Special Education and English Language teachers. This night provides an excellent opportunity to learn more ways to support your child’s growth and development during the school year.

    Communication Nights

    We know families are busy, so we want to respect your time. Throughout the year, grade levels will host Face-to-Face Communication Nights. Our goal is to provide options for families to meet face-to-face with teachers when there is a need to discuss progress or review specific plans. Parents can expect routine classroom emails/communication sheets, progress reports, and other forms of communication.

    If teachers notice a change or concern with a child’s performance or behavior, they will initiate individualized communication with a family. As always, we are open to families reaching out at any time to ask questions and/or share concerns. Although not every family will feel the need to attend multiple face to face meetings, our communication plan offers multiple flexible evenings opportunities.