Novell - Computer Login


    • EVERY school year, Novell passwords are reset
    • All students must change their Novell password
    • On the first login window, the Novell username is the Student ID number
    • The temporary password for all high school students is MVStudent.621!
    • On the next login window, the Windows username is Student
    • The password is also student (this never changes)
    • Next, you will be prompted to change your password
    • You must change your password. If you do not, you will be locked out and your password will need to be reset.


    • Must be at least eight characters long
    • May not include your name
    • Must have at least one numeric character
    • Must use upper and lower case alpha characters
    • Must begin with an alpha character
    • Must include a special character
    • Characters cannot be repeated more than four times.
    • Only four characters may match those in the previous password

    Your Novell password will sync up and become your Gmail password the following day.