Events at Mounds View

    • For all events held at Mounds View High School, please review the following entry guidelines for students. 

      • All students must have a valid and current student ID to enter the event.  Students without a Mounds View student ID will not be allowed to enter the event. Students will be charged for entry at the beginning of the JV contest. Students watching the freshman contest will be charged for the JV/V event.

      • Students who do not attend Mounds View High School or the opposing school may not be allowed into the event unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian.

      • Backpacks are not allowed into Mounds View High School events.

      • Students must leave Mounds View High School within 30 minutes of the event ending. Students who do not abide by this policy will no longer be allowed to attend future events.

      • Students must sit in the student section during the contest.

      • Middle school students are not permitted at Mounds View High School events unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian who will sit with them in the parent section throughout the duration of the entire event. This includes the ninth-grade contests. Parents/Guardians can only supervise two students at a time and are not allowed to leave students unattended at events.