Title I

  • What is Title I?

    • Title I is a federally funded program intended to support all students in meeting the State Standards.
    • The goal is to help students succeed academically and to reach grade level performance expectations by emphasizing high academic standards. Title One offers a variety of services that may include additional support for students.  Schools qualify for funds based on economic need.

    Title I Schools

    Mounds View Title I Schools are Schoolwide Programs (SWP) that serve all qualifying students attending:

    • Bel Air Elementary School
    • Sunnyside Elementary School
    • Valentine Hills Elementary School
    • Pinewood Elementary School
    • Pike Lake Kindergarten Center

    • The District's Title I schools serve all identified students throughout the school day using a Response to Intervention(RtI) model and they are provided support services in addition to their regular reading and math blocks of instruction.   These services can include individual or small groups with a teacher to increase reading and math outcomes.   
    • Students are identified for instructional support based on academic need. With a School-Wide Program model, all students at a Title I school are eligible for additional academic support based on current performance level and growth throughout the school year.

    Title I Slideshow

    Title I Programs Help Students, Teachers and Parents

    • Students perform better in school
    • Increase student connectedness and self esteem
    • Teachers understand needs of students and parents
    • Parents better understand their child and become more involved in their education

    How are parents involved?

    • One important component of School-Wide Title I schools is the role of parents in supporting their child's education. Title I schools are committed to reaching out to parents through volunteer opportunities, parent education sessions and general publications that include strategies for helping your child succeed at school.
      • Parent and teachers sign a compact (an agreement) explaining goals and responsibilities
      • Parents are provided with information on Title I services through newsletters, Curriculum Advisory Committee and Conferences
      • Parents are invited to be part of the Title I Advisory Council
    • Click HERE to download the District's parent involvement policy and procedures.
    • Parents will be offered multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in school meetings and training sessions. Each Title I school will provide regular communication to families via newsletters, e-news, teacher web sites and/or handouts. A Title I Parent Advisory Council meets annually to review parent involvement policies and practices.
    • Parents Right to Know: The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires schools that receive federal education funds under Title I, Part A to provide information to parents about the professional qualifications of their child's teachers.  You have the right to request and review this information, and it must be provided to you in a reasonable amount of time.