What if I move?

  • At this time, families who move out of the Mounds View School District have the option to have their students continue to attend so long as they can provide transportation back and forth to school each day.  Please contact your school office to get the appropriate paperwork needed to request this nonresident continuation.

    Families who move to an address within the Mounds View School District, but outside the attending school boundary area would have the option to have their students continue at the current site through in-district transfer.  Transportation to the transfer school would be the parents' responsibility.  Contact your school office to request the necessary transfer paperwork.

    Approvals to continue to attend are dependent upon appropriate student attendance, including being dropped off and picked up on time each day.  Nonresident/Transfer agreements can be withdrawn should there be continued problems with attendance which would include excessive absences, tardy student drop-off or early student pick-up.  Please contact your building administrator if you have questions about expectations regarding student attendance.