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Upcoming Communication Meetings

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Communication Meeting


Links for Communication Meeting Sign-ups

Note: only open sign-ups are live (i.e. if click on grade or teacher and there is no link, there is no current sign-up).

Grade 1-Next meeting:  February 28

Kate Berger 

Kelli Hofmeister

Cassie Koch

Maddie McGuire

Diane Mergens

Jane Norgren

Emily Scanlon

Lauren Valencour

Grade 2-Next meeting:  February 28

Homeroom Teacher:   Math Teacher:
Liz Carlson     
Sharon Carroll   Sharon Carroll
Brooke Esselman   Brooke Esselman
Lucia Halvorsen   Lucia Halvorsen
Brenda Hanson    Brenda Hanson
Barb Huffman   Barb Huffman
Terri Reis   Terri Reis
Katie Sentz  


Grade 3 - Next Meeting:  February 28

Jane Bishop

Margot Brooks

Linda Hagen

Dalton Knes

Brianna Manor

K.C. Morris

Jena Roberts

Leah Zustiak

Ellen Cooper - Extension Teacher

Grade 4 - Next Meetings:  January 15 & 16 (Sign up is now closed)

January 15:  Elyse Leiser, Kristi Pallansch, & Tracy Pluim 

January 16: Jennifer Fick, Jessica Ginter, Sara Lang, Michelle Morse

Grade 5 - Next Meeting:  February 28

Nancy Boyer-Kellermann

Jamalee Desmond

Brittany Geistfeld

Simone Haugen

Kevin Jachymowski

Justin Redman

Alex Turtinen

Rosemary Hunt