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Voters said ‘YES!’

Yes November 5, 2019, 11:10 p.m. -- Voters approved the District’s levy request on Election Day 2019 by a margin of 61 percent in favor to 39 percent opposed. 8,820 residents supported the proposal, while 5,684 opposed the request.

As a result of the vote, schools will have more reliable funding to provide stable class sizes and consistent programs for students – for the next 10 years. In addition, the levy revenue will help enhance ongoing efforts to address social, emotional and mental health resources for students, upgraded security for all buildings and career pathway programs.

“On behalf of Mounds View Public Schools, I want to thank our community for approving the School Board’s levy request,” said Superintendent Chris Lennox. “This support allows us to continue the important work of providing students with an exceptional, personalized and comprehensive education.”


School Board results
In addition, residents chose four candidates for School Board. Voters returned Jonathan Weinhagen and Sandra Westerman to the School Board. First-time candidates Heidi Danielson (appointed to the Board in 2019) and James DeMay won seats as well.

Heidi Danielson            8,529
James DeMay                 6,424
Jonathan Weinhagen   7,324
Sandra Westerman      8,288

Derek Whitcomb             5,208


Source: Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State