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Summer Ideas for the Family

Summer 2020 Ideas

  1. Family game night: Have a weekly game night, and rotate who chooses the game. 
  2. Family dance party: Host a family dance party to all sorts of different music and show the kids you can boogie (or salsa). Invite more guests via Zoom.
  3. House or neighborhood scavenger hunt: Set up a scavenger hunt with clues at the end that involve a prize such as a favorite dessert or the winner's choice of movie night pick.
  4. Create light: Make candles from scratch with yummy smells to give as presents.
  5. Face painting: Learn to face paint and practice on each other. Hold a contest over Zoom to vote for "best paint job," "most realistic," "best superhero" and "scariest animal."
  6.  Lego challenges: Give everyone a bag of Lego pieces and charge your crew with building a house, a store, a park, their school or a castle in the sky — and then set the timer. Creativity wins! (There are great 30-day Lego challenges to be found online.)
  7. Create a splash pad: Before there were nearby pools or even living in a beach town, we'd turn on the hose in the backyard to cool down. Sometimes we'd add plastic bags on a slope to make a slip and slide.
  8. Map the neighborhood: Walk your neighborhood and see if your family can make a map from your house to another location. If they can't get off your property, have them do it inside.
  9. Eat someplace else: Pick another state or country with food you like, cook it and listen to their music during dinner and bring some phrases to the table from that location. 
  10. Signs of thanks: Make signs for your lawn that thank anyone your family is grateful for.
  11. Book/movie combo: Read the book, then watch the movie, then discuss the differences. 
  12. Broaden your worldview: Read or have your parents read you  age-appropriate books about cultures different than yours and theirs (whatever that may be). 
  13. Take pictures: and create different collages. 
  14. Collect items:  stuff for our lockers & bring a white board to write down & share things you like (5th graders).
  15. Camping/tenting: in your yard or at a campground.
  16. Visit Parks:  dog park or new/different parks near your home.
  17. Visit Lakes: go to different lakes with family & friends (if able to).
  18. Connect: with friends & family members. Spend time with loved ones through video, phone calls, or outside activities.
  19. Create Pokemon: draw or create Pokemon using aluminum foil and craft sticks.
  20. Look for wildlife: keep track of what you find & you could even draw what you find.
  21. Make a fort: use pillows, blankets, maybe even a mattress.
  22. Food challenge: try new food & maybe try something extra spicy or sour.
  23. Walk challenge: challenge yourself/family to go on a walk for 30 days (take your dog too, if you have one).
  24. Make origami: create something new.
  25. Collect Food: donate food to the food shelf (like Ralph Reeder).

*Compiled from CNN article & VH Students

CNN article: