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PTO Student Directory

In an effort to provide a means for children and families to connect and grow in community during this school year, the Valentine Hills PTO is collecting family contact information in order to compile a Valentine Hills Family Directory. If you would like to have contact information included for your child, please click the link below to add your details via a Google Form. By providing your information, you agree to have this information published in the Valentine Hills Family Directory, available to the entire school. The Google Form will ask you to provide your child’s first and last name, grade and teacher, and at least one parent/guardian’s name and phone number and/or email address, with the option to include up to three total contacts. The PTO will continue to collect family data until Sunday, October 25th. Once complete, information on how to view the Family Directory will be shared (expected October 30th). Providing your information to be included in the Family Directory is voluntary, if you choose not to include your information, you will still have access to the Family Directory once published. Follow this link to provide your information: