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The Unity Event is Coming!

The Unity Event is a festival in place at Edgewood to help students celebrate the wealth of diversity that exists within our school building and the community. In our school, we have students from all different walks of life, who speak different languages and have unique traditions. With that we believe that all of us coming together and supporting one another is truly what makes Edgewood great! At this free event students will experience, learn about, and engage with a variety of different backgrounds. There will also be ticketed stations to purchase authentic snacks and play carnival games. This special event is held each year on after school on a Friday in February. Watch here for more information, date TBD.

All families and community members are welcome to be involved. If you are interested in being a Cultural Table Host please contact Chris Van House at or 651-621-6673. Any proceeds raised from this event benefit student support groups at Edgewood Middle School.