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New student meeting

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are pleased to invite all incoming sixth graders and their families to Edgewood this August for a meeting with their dean.  The goal of this meeting is to get to know your child and how to best support him/her throughout their next three years at Edgewood.  The dean will be the primary contact for your child on situations related to academic planning, grades and support for social/emotional concerns. Middle school is a time of rapid change for students; therefore, the consistency of a trusted adult at school is very important to your child’s social, emotional and academic development.  Our goal is to support your child on their academic journey through graduation in the Mounds View School District. A successful middle school experience will ensure a smooth transition to high school.

It is important that we meet with you and your child prior to the start of the school year.  Please visit the Edgewood website to make an appointment with your child’s dean then click on the New Student Meeting link for your child’s dean.  You will also be receiving a message in the upcoming weeks from the Mounds View messaging system.  If you are unable to sign up online, please call 651-621-6600, Monday - Friday between 7:00am and 2:00pm and we can help you find a time that will work for you.

We look forward to connecting with your family and building a positive relationship over the next three years to ensure your student’s success at Edgewood and beyond.


Edgewood Deans