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What do we do?

 Volunteer for Friday afternoon student events (3-4 a year)

 Sponsor teacher/staff appreciation events (4-5 a year)

 Grant teacher requests that are not covered by the school budget (1x/yr)

 Fundraise to support the above events

We are seeking a group of diverse parents to join the EPAT committee meetings. It is a very small time commitment to be on the committee, only 5-6 hours a year, but can be more if you take on additional coordination duties. We need to have a quorum to approve any budget items. The meetings are to discuss/coordinate specific EPAT Sponsored activities, approve annual teacher grant requests, fundraise and manage the EPAT budget. The committee meetings are held in October, November, February, April and July. These meetings are typically in-person at Edgewood.

Please reach out to the following contacts if interested in joining the committee:

Margaret Meyer ( or

Kimberly Lockwood (

Next committee meeting date – Tuesday, October 4 – 6:30 PM – Edgewood