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EPAT Fall Fundraiser

We tried a different approach...

No more selling!

  • We got rid of catalog sales
  • Donations go directly back to Edgewood & are tax-deductible
  • Company match is easy!

What is this money for?

  • To make teacher's classrooms even more amazing
  • To support staff throughout the year
  • To provide memorable events for students

The great news is we raised money! The bummer news is we're short of our goal but we are not giving up yet! We've extended the deadline to Monday, November 18.

There are two ways you can still help: Register your Child by visiting www.getmovinfundhub.comSchool ID #5d7fac568754d or send your cash/check donation back to Edgewood.

More information about the fall fundraiser can be found here. Monetary donations are also accepted and can be dropped off in the front office. Make checks payable to Edgewood EPAT.