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Shift to Distance Learning

During Distance Learning, please contact the office at 651-621-6600 to set up an appointment if you need to come inside to the office area. Someone will be available to answer calls from 7:30am-2:30pm.

Below are five key pieces of new information pertaining to our shift to distance learning. If you would prefer to view this information in a 4-minute video presentation, click here. 

Monday-Thursday at 7:45am students in all three groups (group 1, group 2, distance only) are to log into their Mounds View Gmail calendar. To begin these days, students will engage in a grade level specific “Morning High Five,” led by our Dean and Administrative team. The “Morning High Five” will include daily announcements, social-emotional learning, celebrations, reminders and connectedness activities. A link to the Morning High Five will can be found Mon-Thurs in student's gmail calendar. 

Academic classes will follow the Morning High Five, beginning at 8:15am. Live instruction will then take place throughout each day. View our course schedule for each day here. 

  • Increasing engagement and learning on Friday

The biggest change with our shift to distance learning is that Fridays will now be a modified 7-period day, meaning students will have either a live meet or on-demand learning for each of their seven classes. 

On Fridays, students will begin their day at 8:15am. All core classes (math, science, English Language Arts and Social Studies) will be taught live for 40-minutes. Students may also have music, Art, Spanish, Integrated Science or Phy-Ed classes live as well. To know if one or more of these classes is live on Fridays, students simply need to look for a Zoom link in their calendar. If there isn’t a zoom link, students are to find their on-demand learning in Google Classroom. 

  • Continuing to Contact the school in regard to student illness

As is the case with in-person learning, please make us aware each day if your child is unable to participate in their classes or complete their assignments. Accurate attendance records are critical for a variety of reasons, and we want to make sure that students are marked properly. Please call and leave a message on our 24/7 attendance line directly at 651-621-6601

Please also continue to notify us when your family and/or child(ren) may or have be exposed to the Covid-19 virus as we need to continue to provide documentation to the Minnesota Department of Health. If your student or family member may have been exposed, please contact Mr. Tweh, our Covid Coordinator, at 651-621-6630 or

  • Plan to increase student attendance

Previous and current experience has shown that student attendance from home is inconsistent. Often, parents tells us they did not know their student wasn’t logging on. With live instruction now taking place each day, our teachers will take and submit attendance within the first five minutes of each class. The families of any student marked as absent without prior notice will automatically receive a call from the school within the first ten minutes of the start of each class. This phone call is to notify parents real-time that their student has not logged into their teacher’s live Zoom. Our obvious hope is that parents can assist us with getting their student to attend required classes. Students will be marked present if/when they jump on to Zoom late. 

  • Contacting students directly via phone or text

To increase the efficiency and timeliness of communication, Edgewood would like to be able to directly contact students that have their own phone. Please consider providing or updating us with your child’s cell phone number by clicking here.

If you have any questions or concerns about our shift to distance learning, please contact your student’s dean or any of our three administrators. Access to our contact information can be found here.