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2022-2023 Class Supply List

2022-23 Supply Lists


6th Grade

1 folder (Integrated Science)

3 (1”) 3 ring binders (ELA, Science and Social Studies)

1 spiral notebook (Choir)

1 8x10 sketch pad (Art)

4 dozen #2 pencils (one dozen per quarter)

1 box colored pencils (Art)

1 large pink eraser (Art)

1 wooden ruler (Art)

1 Basic Calculator (not phone calculator)

Earbuds/headphones for tech in classroom

*Trapper Keeper or organization system encouraged


7th Grade

3 (1”) 3-ring binder (ELA, Math, Science)

1 folder (Social studies)

2 spiral notebook (Math, Choir - can use the same notebook from 6th grade)

1 8x10 sketch pad (Art and Design)

5 dozen #2 pencils

1 box of colored pencils

3 large boxes of facial tissues (give to your first hour teacher)

*Earbuds/headphones for tech in classroom


8th Grade

2 two-pocket folder (Spanish and Science) 

1 (1”) 3-ring binders (Social Studies)

4 spiral notebooks (Choir (can use the same notebook from 7th grade), Math, Science and ELA)

2 packets loose leaf lined paper (Math and Social Studies)

1 packet graph paper (Math)

3 sticky pads (ELA)

5 dozen #2 pencils

1 pack of Expo markers

Earbuds/headphones for tech in classroom


Phys-Ed (All Grades)

Athletic shoes that tie

Athletic clothes - T-shirt/long sleeve shirt and shorts/sweatpants

Swimsuit & Towel