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2021-22 Important School Information

Main Office Hours

The main office is open from 6:00 am to 3:45 pm. Our direct number is 651-621-6600. To report an absence, call the attendance line at 651-621-6601 or you can note it through your ParentVUE account.

Face coverings

Students and staff are required to wear masks while inside the school. Masks must cover both the mouth and nose.


School hours are 7:45 am - 2:25 pm. If you are dropping off your student in the morning, please drop them off as close to 7:30 am as possible due to staff and safety issues. Students should also be dropped off close to door #8 of the Activities Entrance, NOT the main doors. 

For parents arriving from County Road H, please watch this very brief video on changes to our parent pick-up and drop-off circle.

For Mounds View residents arriving from north of our campus, please view this very brief video detailing a 2nd pick-up and drop-off circle, accessed from Woodale Drive.

Many students will also arrive at our campus via walking or biking. Please watch the videos below with your student so that you know through which door we want them to enter.

Students arriving via biking or walking from County H (enter door 26).

Students arriving via biking or walking from Mounds View (door 8).

When students enter the school, they are to report to the following:

  • Students in grade 6 will report to the white gym, adjacent to our cafeteria.

  • Students in grade 7 will report to the south end of the red gym.

  • Students in grade 8 will report to the north end of the red gym.

Students will be dismissed from their 7th period class by grade level and will exit out the same door through which they entered.

Passing time & the use of Backpacks in place of lockers

Students have the option of using a school issued locker to store personal items during the day, but access to lockers during passing time is prohibited. Our expectation is that students carry learning materials with them in their backpack to each class. The only purpose of passing time is to transition from one class to the next. Access to bathrooms, student services office, our library or student lockers will be granted individually using a teacher-issued hallway pass.

Student Meals

Students eat lunch with grade level peers (class sizes range from 235-245 students). Additional seating will be in place to allow for increased distancing while eating. Students will choose their seats on a daily basis. With their masks on, students will walk into the cafeteria, go through the lunch line (if needed) and find their seat. Masks will be removed only during the time students are eating (as minimal exposure as possible). Students will put their masks on immediately after eating and will remain with their masks on until they are excused from the cafeteria.

Upon finishing their lunch, students will be required to immediately mask. Gym and outdoor space (weather dependent) is available to students during the lunch period, which will further allow for distancing and reduce the number of students gathered in a single space.

Plan for quarantined students Similar to last school year, students that show or report symptoms common of Covid-19 will be moved to a safe space and parents will be asked to come and pick them up.

Quarantine Plan

In the event that a student has to quarantine and their access to the school building is compromised, teachers will employ one or more of the following options to ensure a continuation of learning:

  1. Synchronous teaching (via Google Meet)

  2. Teachers will post lessons, videos, and assignments in Google Classroom to be accessed by the student when it is most convenient.

  3. Students will be invited to virtually attend after school or office hour sessions with teachers

  4. The school will send books or other materials, and assignments to the office to be picked up or delivered to the student’s home.

For more information, please review a list of frequently asked questions and answers that apply to all schools in our district.

The Parent Handbook can be found here.

Check back here for updated school menus during the year.

General school information as well as the grade level classroom supply lists can be found here.

Please read and have your student/you sign and turn in the specific policy form included in the mailing. A copy can also be found here.