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Mustangs to Mention


This program was started to recognize students who exhibit one of the 12 Habits of Mind for Post-Secondary Success.

 mustangs to mention

The following students are being recognized, by their teacher or a staff member, as the November/December Mustang to Mention:

Claire Anderson
Rhiannon Bondhus
Sofi Bowlus
Gracyn Delaune
Max DeRosier
Elizabeth DeYoung
Lukas Hoyt
Madeline Jepko
Jizelle Lobley
Eva Manrodt
Cormac McSherry
Tess McVay
Finley Moseti
Isabel Newhouse
Sophia Pavlenko
Zoke Sackih
JoJo Saryee
Molly Shwiff
Amelia Sparks
Kyle Stromquist
Chloe Wagenknecht
Jason Walker