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End of Year Student Information

Dear Students,

Students returning for the 2021-2022 school year: 

Your password will expire 180 days from the date you last changed your password. You will receive an email warning 7-10 days prior to the expiration date. You can change your password by logging into the MV Password Portal  (Remember your username on the password portal is your student ID#.)  The MV Password Portal can be accessed at home.  If you have forgotten your password or are not able to log into the Password Portal, you may be able to unlock your account by clicking on ‘forgot password’ if you have set up your self-help security questions.  If not, please contact the helpdesk at 651-621-7387.

Graduating seniors and other students not returning for the 2021-2022 School year: 

Your Google account will be deactivated on October 1, 2021.  After July 1, 2021, student accounts will be restricted from sending email from their account, but will still be able to access this account to use Google Takeout or Transfer (Google Transfer is the easiest if moving to a personal Gmail account) until October 1.  

If you have any information you would like to save from your Google drive or if you have shared documents with others, please follow these instructions to ensure that you save any data that you may need.

You will no longer have access to your Google data after October 1, 2021

  • Change ownership rights to those that need the files/documents for next year (ex. Docs for a school club or organization). If you don’t need the file(s) yourself, simply change owners in the Sharing settings. Please talk to your club advisers for help.

  • Create a “Vacation Responder” now to inform others that your email account will be deactivated soon and to give them your new email address.  (This is especially helpful if you are working with colleges.)  

  • Save any Google Contacts that you want to keep

  • Forward important email to your personal email account (College email correspondence, etc.)

If you need assistance, please email