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 Mounds View Alumni



Mounds View alumni,

What do you know now, that you wished you knew in high school?

Now that you’re in college, the workforce or the military, your insights as a recent graduate could be helpful to today’s students.

Record a brief video message, and it may be included in a compilation video we’ll share with current and future students on social media, in classes and in presentations. If you can make your point in less than 10 seconds, that’s ideal! Messages longer than 20 seconds will be reviewed but are less likely to make the cut.

Topics to consider?

  • Life balance
  • Fun
  • Course selections
  • Competition
  • Academics
  • Definition of success
  • Choosing activities
  • Taking risks
  • Friends 

Ready to record? Before you do . . .

  • Pick one topic and stick to that.
  • Make your message memorable, clear and expressive.
  • Be yourself, be conversational and show your personality. Talk to today’s students as you would a sibling or peer.
  • Feel free to share a BRIEF real-world experience or anecdote to illustrate your point.
  • Record your message in front of a background that tells the viewer where you are: a college dorm room, your campus quad, a workplace environment, etc.
  • Avoid background noise. Videos with poor A/V quality won’t be used.
  • Don’t waste time recording your name or current location. We’ll capture that in a form instead.

If your video is used in our final compilation video, your name will be entered in a drawing to receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Got a Google account? Send us your video here by March 15 to be considered for this project. Everyone else, send us your video here by March 15.



-- Mounds View Public Schools










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