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Lead testing in our schools

Elevated levels of lead in water can be harmful if consumed. That’s why Mounds View Public Schools works with IEA (Institute for Environmental Assessment) to conduct tests every five years as IEA recommends.

  • Years ago, all District classroom drinking fountains were removed. Today, only sink faucets remain in classrooms.
  • The District is investigating installing filtration devices and also labels of “Handwashing Only” for some classroom sinks.
  • The IEA inspection in 2015-16 showed none of the District’s hallway drinking fountains have elevated levels of lead.
  • Hand-washing stations and sinks in lavatories throughout the District may contain lead with levels above EPA and Minnesota Department of Heath approved levels. The water in these sinks is not intended for human consumption.  
In 2016, at the request of Mounds View Public Schools, the Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc., collected samples of drinking water at all District facilities. These reports are available here. For more information, please contact the school principal or Assistant Director of Operations Chris Paquette at, 651-621-6090.