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Bel Air Science Fair Registration



As your child comes to science for their next rotation, I will introduce them to this year's Science Fair. We will do an in-class project together and if students want to explore more science, they are welcome to complete another project at home. It is an optional event and all students are welcome to join. 
Each class will be assigned an individual presentation date. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their projects during science specialist time. When your child comes to science, a paper registration form will be handed out and will come home. Either complete the form to register your child, click on the link on the Bel Air Home page, or To register online CLICK HERE!
Even if your child has not met with me yet to discuss the science fair, registration is open for all students at this time. 
Wondering when each class will present?
Friday, February 11 or Monday, February 14 - Smith
Tuesday, February 22 or Wednesday February 23  - Denu
Wednesday, March 2 or Thursday, March 3 - Humke
Monday, March 21 or Tuesday, March 22 - Parnell,  Morlock, Vang, Tschida, Ritter
Tuesday, March 29 or Wednesday, March 30  - Rehder, Bercier, Affleck, Haugmo, Koboske
Wednesday, April 6 or Thursday, April 7 - Kiley, Allard, McGee, Malette
Tuesday, April 18 or Wednesday, April 19 - Christensen, Giampietro, Ries, Poore
Tuesday, April 26 or Wednesday, April 27  - Elsoctt, Opheim, Schepers, Ralston
Wednesday, May 4 or Thursday, May 5th - Flattum, Valerius, Tiedeman, Reger