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Winter Orchestra Concert News

4th & 5th Grade Winter Orchestra Concert Schedule

Thursday, December 5:

5:45 pm – 5th Grade Orchestra students arrive at East Gym – put coats and cases in room 148, get tuned and seated in the gym

6:00 pm – rehearse concert music with piano

6:20 pm – 4th Grade student arrive and meet in Room 148 to get warmed up (leave coats, boots and cases in Room 148)

6:30 pm – 4th Grade students come to the gym to be seated

6:35 pm – 4th & 5th Grade students rehearse combined pieces (Jolly St Nick and Jingle Bells). 4th Grade rehearse pieces with piano

7:00 pm - Concert

Friday, December 6:

9:30 am – 4th & 5th Grade Orchestra students meet in East gym to get tuned and seated

10:00 am - Concert for school

10:30 am -help put away stands and chairs

10:45 am – return to classrooms

For all concerts: wear blue orchestra shirts (summer orchestra) or blue Island Lake shirts and dark pants. Bring instrument and music. (No music stands needed) (If you do not have a blue Island Lake shirt, you may wear any blue shirt.) Wear black/dark colored shoes.

I will need parent chaperones for the rehearsal before the concert. I also can use help with tuning. Please let me know if you are able to help.

Ms. Juli Vig
Island Lake Orchestra Director
651.621.7070 /