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Join the Island Lake Band!

CURRENT 5TH GRADERS JOIN THE BAND! If you are not in band and would like to learn to play a fun instrument, you may register now! The Island Lake Band is available to students in the 5th grade. Interested students are encouraged to watch an informational video HERE. This includes a demonstration of all of the band instruments as well as some FAQs about the 5th grade band experience. We’re excited to be able to meet in-person again soon- this is a great opportunity to join band!

Click HERE to to complete the online band registration. Click HERE for instrument rental information.

CURRENT 4TH GRADERS Are you interested in joining the band next year? Watch this video (click HERE) to learn about the different instruments you can play! You will be able to sign up for band soon.

SUMMER BAND The Mounds View Summer Band Program is designed for students who are currently in band as well as beginners. Students going into 5th grade will have the opportunity to get started on their instrument while students going into 6th grade will be able to learn advanced skills on their instrument. Summer Band runs through the month of July. Look for registration information coming soon.

Please e-mail Mrs. Sorem with any questions at: