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Winter weather reminders

winter weather Former ‘snow days’ become ‘distance learning days’

Now that all students have experienced the distance learning model, for the remainder of this school year “snow days” will become distance learning days for all students. Here’s how it will work.


  • In the event that severe winter weather causes poor road conditions or dangerous cold, the District may announce a distance learning day. 
  • All families will receive a text, voicemail and e-mail message within 20 minutes of a decision to close or delay school. If you haven’t received these messages, a decision to close or delay school has not been made, and schools are expected to be in session as usual. Always assume schools are in session, unless you hear or see differently from Mounds View Public Schools. 
  • In addition, the District will post school cancellation information on District and school websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. The District will also notify local media outlets, but cannot guarantee if or how the media will report the information provided.

Distance learning

  • All students in all grades will have the opportunity to participate in a distance learning day from home, similar to the distance learning daily schedule that your child’s school has used. 
  • At the start of the day, students will be able to access their learning activities for the day through SeeSaw or Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will provide learning experiences for students that may include pre-recorded lessons, live interactions and independent work.
For more information, including details about the District’s threshold for closing, childcare operations, activities cancellations, notifications and more, visit

What to expect with weather-related school closings

Canceling school is a tremendously difficult and complicated decision for any school district to make, and it’s a decision that impacts thousands of families in very different ways. As we head into another unpredictable winter season, here are a few notes to remember.

Threshold for closings

Schools could be cancelled if... 
  • Buses won’t start or run dependably.
  • Local road conditions in our neighborhoods are dangerous or impassable.
  • Our neighborhoods experience sustained wind chills of 40 to 45 degrees below zero during the hours between morning bus pick ups and afternoon bus drop offs.

*Like neighboring districts, Mounds View will rely solely on forecasts provided by the National Weather Service –Twin Cities.  

Thresholds for outdoor recess cancellation

If air temperatures reach 0 degrees and/or windchills reach 10 degrees below zero, outdoor recess will be cancelled at all six elementary schools and the kindergarten centers.  


If schools have been cancelled, families should assume all school and District activities have also been cancelled. If an exception to this rule is made, families will be notified.

Childcare program

When school is canceled for severe weather-related conditions, YMCA will run Release Day programs at Sunnyside Elementary School and Island Lake Elementary School. Inclement-weather Release Day Programs are open to children currently attending YMCA Before Care and/or After Care. Inclement weather program hours for Mounds View Public Schools are 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. For more information, please visit the YCare website.  

2-hour late starts

Although 2-hour late starts aren’t convenient for families, this option could be used to avoid school cancellations. If the District calls a 2-hour late start, here’s how it will work: 

  • Buses will pick up students two hours later than their scheduled pick-up time.
    • Example: If the bus normally picks up students at 7:30, it will now arrive at 9:30.
  • Doors will open at school buildings two hours later than their normal time.
    • Example: If the school opens at 8, it will now open at 10. Students should not arrive at school any earlier than this.
  • School classes will start two hours later than their typical schedule.
    • Example: If school normally starts at 8:35, classes will now start at 10:35.
  • Class schedules will be shortened throughout the day.
  • Schools will dismiss at their regular dismissal times.
  • Buses will drop off students at their scheduled drop-off times.
  • There will be no before-school Y care services at any site. However, after-school Y care will remain available as usual.
  • All before-school clubs and activities are cancelled.
  • Breakfast will not be available at any site.

Early Release

In the event of deteriorating weather during the school day, it may be necessary to start after-school bus routes earlier than their scheduled dismissal time at some schools. In most cases, this would mainly affect the middle schools which are in the first tier of afternoon routes. If schools conduct an early release, parents will be notified via text, phone and e-mail before noon. Students who do not ride the bus will be allowed to stay at school if they wish. Parents will not be expected to pick up their students at school any earlier than the normal dismissal time. In the event of an early release, after-school Y care will be canceled.


Families should always assume schools are open and in session, unless they hear or see differently. Websites will only indicate when schools are closed — not when they remain open. If schools will be using a 2-hour late start or canceling altogether, the District will notify parents by approximately 5:30 a.m. on the day of the late start or cancellation, using the following tools: 
  • Text messages
  • Voicemail messages 
  • E-mail messages 
  • Facebook and Twitter 
  • 651-621-SNOW hotline recordings
  • District and school website postings 

The District will also notify local media outlets, but cannot guarantee if or how the media will report the information provided. 

The contact information used to reach families for school closings and bus status notifications was supplied by families at the start of the school year (via health and emergency forms). Parents can confirm their contact information is up-to-date by logging into ParentVUE and reviewing and updating the account information. The front office staff at each school can also review and update contact information.

Late buses

On winter days when the metro-area traffic is significantly congested because of poor road conditions, parents should expect most school buses will be similarly delayed. Notification calls will be made as possible.