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Board asks for facilities survey

At the January 26 School Board meeting, former state demographer Hazel Reinhardt provided a report on a comprehensive housing and enrollment study she conducted. Over the past five years, resident enrollment has increased by 728 students. The District currently enrolls nearly 11,000 students – the highest level of enrollment in 14 years.

“After being right-sized for a decade, the District is now entering a new phase in its resident enrollment,” she said. “Resident enrollment is projected to continue to increase 18 - 29 percent in the next 10 years.”

After considering the results of this enrollment study, on February 9 the School Board directed the administration to conduct a comprehensive facilities study to determine the current state of facilities and their capacity to serve future enrollment growth.
“We’re going to start to feel the intensity of growth in the next few years,” said Board chair Amy Jones. “The next logical step is to take a look at our facilities.”
The study will consider a variety of issues including the age, condition and capacities of each building. The administration will provide the first in a series of facilities reports at the March 29 Board meeting.