Special Education Overview


  • Mounds View Public Schools will educate all learners through a broad range of programs that set high expectations and inspire outstanding achievement. 

    The Mounds View School District Student Services Department, in partnership with students, parents, and the community, strives to deliver a continuum of services to equip all learners with measurable skills for lifelong learning and post-secondary success in order to reach their individual potential with responsibility to self and society.

    The Mounds View district has a continuum of special education services. Each student's needs, goals, services and placement are determined by a team, including the parents, to develop an individualized educational program (IEP) plan. Teams always consider the most inclusive, least restrictive educational environment for each child to provide specialized instruction and related services. The Special Education Continuum describes the continuum of special education services available from less restrictive to more restrictive placements. Resources (see links on this page) have been developed in cooperation with the Special Education Parent and Professional Advisory Council (SEPPAC) to support parents and provide information when a child has been referred for an evaluation or when developing an IEP.


Understanding the Special Education Process